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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 4.

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Story Post

If I had more ambition to elaborate, today's story would run along the lines of Samus Aran in her gunship still trying to recover from the X-Parasite infection she suffered on Day 1. But her Fusion Suit repairs were just not coming along fast enough as she tried to heal herself on her own. Fearing the worst, Samus proceeded to write her last will and testament (in reference to all of BeautifulShy's typing in Day 3.) She slips into unconsciousness unaware that her ship begins transmitting the signal alerting everyone on the planet to her location. From a distance, the Space Pirates blast away at her ship and blow her up. The Space Pirates have finally taken out their greatest nemesis. Mother Brain and Ridley are pleased. During the victory celebration, a drunken Space Pirate stumbles upon the Federation Black Ops Base and is killed before he can report back what he's seen.

I guess you'll just have to imagine that scenario with more elaborate scene-setting, clunkier dialogue and a dumb joke or two thrown in.  STORY!!

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

BeautifulShy - Samus Aran (Killed by Day Vote)
ejamer - Space Pirate (Killed by Federation/Mafia)

With Samus dying in the vote, she could not make a kill at night. One hunter down, one to go. This means that with Samus Aran out of the way then Dark Samus can now make a hit every night.

There are 14 players still alive. That means the majority vote for Day 4 would need to consist of 8 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open another 48 hours and change closing at Midnight (12:00 AM) EST on Thursday Apr 2, 2020. (Unless there is another majority vote to end it sooner.)

To recap, there are still 9 players on the Townie Space Pirates side, 4 players on the Mafia Federation side and 1 Killer Samus left. Although there's been a lot of focus on the Samus players of the game, the townies and Killer may need to start getting concerned about that Mafia. What will today bring?

Let's find out.

Whoops. I was on about 2 hours ago and noted I would have to start the next day soon. Then I started playing a bit more of Chrono Trigger and making supper and then it hit me I needed to get this game back in action. Sorry on the minor delay.  :-[

So, what's the plan team?


--- Quote from: Lucario on March 30, 2020, 11:41:05 PM ---So, what's the plan team?

--- End quote ---

Grab me gold at the end of the rainbow and skedaddle!


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