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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 2.

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Story Post

For the intro, I'd start with the Federation getting ready to raid the main command center of the Space Pirates which has been set-up around the crystalline structure. One of the members catches a glimpse of Samus Aran about to enter and they realize they need to act now to grab the Metroid before she does. Samus and the Federation Forces burst into the Command Center at the same time and start blasting at the pirates who begin blasting back. The Federation Forces blast a few shots Samus way as well to try and keep her back and slow her progress. She returns the favor. In between this triangle of laser fire is one pokepal148. He's getting blasted from all sides and laments his lot in life.

The free-for-all causes the electrical equipment in the center to overload and explode leading to the center collapsing in on itself. Everyone scrambles to get away in separate directions from the cave-in. After the dust clears, Samus sees a gap that she can get through to get inside the center. She does so to search for the Metroid. Inside, she finds a lone space pirate. She thinks it might be the injured pokepal148 but its actually thatguy. Blasting him with her arm cannon, she is shocked to see thatguy's form blur and then separate into some X-Parasites. They charge at Samus and infect her before she can get away. It turns out the explosion caused the crystalline structure to open a rift in time and space to the time of the BSL Space Station X-Parasite takeover before she had arrived back in the events of Metroid Fusion. Curious as to the rift that appeared before it on BSL, this particular X-Parasite entered it to see what it was all about. Bad timing for Samus. She hurries back to her Gunship to try and counteract the X-Parasite infection much faster this time having gone through this experience before.

In a twist, the rift allowing the X-Parasite to arrive wasn't the only one created in the explosion. After Samus has left, another rift opens and soon after another entity comes through. This time it is Dark Samus. Unsure as to what it is encountering on this side of the rift and not being able to feel a connection to the planet Phaaze has Dark Samus confused as to what this side of the rift might be. Yet, it recognizes the Space Pirate technology and wonders if the Pirates have made some new technological advances that it can use and incorporate with its takeover of the Space Pirate organization back in the time it came from. Dark Samus then sets off to begin exploring and solve the mystery before it.

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

Thatguy - Space Pirate / X-Parasite (Killed by Samus)

That is all. Yes, pokepal148 is still alive and kicking. Tonight is a Dark Samus hit night provided Dark Samus isn't voted out during the day. There are 17 players still alive. That means the majority vote for today would have to consist of 9 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open a generous 48 hours and change closing at 11:00 AM EST on Saturday Mar. 28, 2020. Plan accordingly.

There is no voting requirement rule this game. You are free to vote as regularly or inactively as you want. Thus, no one needs to worry about being automatically eliminated from non-participation.

This game is back on.

Since Samus didn't try to kill pokepal148 at night, ensuring the Metroid would be moved, would she have voted for him during the day? I'm guessing not. The doctor is pretty much forced to protect pokepal148 all the time now, so better to get someone else possibly voted out to reduce the field?

Other than vote record and people dropping hints about what they are, not sure there is much to go on for early votes this time.

Just to get things rolling, I'll un-Vote Mr Bungle based on the backtracking comment in Day 1.
(Pirates don't backtrack.)

{{edited to change vote}}

Is dere any explanation to how ahm Stll Alive? I mean of coase ahm still alive, ahm ridley. I always suvive without a rational explanation, but I'd really like an explanation fer once.

Edit: Oh I see. The Doctah can protect me from the vote. Remind me to give them a raise.

Quick note. I said that voting was until Friday morning. For some reason, I had it in my head that this morning was Wednesday instead of Thursday. I've fixed that in the announcement thread. The date of Mar. 28 was correct which is a Saturday so hopefully that clears up any potential confusion that may have occurred.


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