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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 1.

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Cons for everyone voting Pokepal: If Samus gets it, we need to find a needle in a haystack.
Pros for everyone voting Pokepal: Samus and the Feddies will surely target one of the voters. The more voters, the lower their odds of hitting the one with the metroid.

--- Quote from: pokepal148 on March 25, 2020, 06:36:45 PM ---
--- Quote from: that Baby guy on March 25, 2020, 05:33:47 PM ---I have to give a vote Pokepal.

I'll take it at face value he's telling the truth. This was a bad idea, Pokepal. The last few games I played or observed involving Pokepal involved him making bad decision after bad decision. When I was Godfather, he was the one that put me in the alliance, and set up a win, providing information about who had what role, clarifying the picture of what paths I should have taken.

--- End quote ---
(Allow me to address this for what feels like the 18 billionth time. Real life got the best of me and kept me from paying close enough attention to that game towards the end (it's what happens when there's a mafia game around the holidays. I was told by numerous people that you could likely be trusted so I took the chance since I figured you were skilled enough to carry the rest of the townie victory. It backfired spectacularly, everyone has been on my case about it (including the folks who told me you could be trusted in the first place) and overall it was a learning experience for me.

Last game I was forced into pretty much an unwinnable situation after being overall much more careful with PMs. The Doctor and Detective found each other on their own before they reached but overall my plan had been to have multiple smaller alliances between myself and players that I felt I could trust. That way if one of them was a turn coat they wouldn't be able to find the doctor or detective and overall would be limited in what information they receive from me.

Ironically this worked to my advantage when I was turned. One of the people in my fake townie alliance was someone who had reached out earlier with a screenshot verifying that they were a townie at that point and iirc I called on them to help with a vote. Later on because I hadn't told him that Nickmitch was the detective I was able to rope them into the fake townie alliance with Lolmonade as the detective but that kind of situation is thankfully unlikely to happen here.

--- End quote ---

Vote Pokepal
Three opening parentheses and one closing triggered my lisp-autism.

Mop it up:
Looks like the fun's over for today.

Vote pokepal148

That looks like 9 for pokepal with majority being at 10.

Alright. Day is done.

Final Tally:

pokepal148 - 9 votes
ShyGuy - 3 votes
Mop it up - 2 votes

pokepal148 is blasted into space dust.

Day 1 Night is now on. You have 12 hours to submit your orders. If I get them in sooner then I can launch the next day sooner.


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