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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 1.

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--- Quote from: pokepal148 on March 25, 2020, 06:37:55 PM ---(also this last minute shuffling of votes is very suspicious.)

--- End quote ---
Last minute? There is 3 hours left in the day.

(i should say sudden. That's a much better word.)

Current vote tally:

pokepal148 - 7 votes
ShyGuy - 3 votes
Mop it up - 1 vote
Steefosaurus - 1 vote

Majority vote is 10. We might still reach it yet today. 2 hours left to vote.

Behavioural analysis suggests the organic lifeforms appear to value decision-making, even if baseless. May explain latent authoritarian tendencies. Will adjust behavioural protocols to fall in line with their desires.

Current data indicates 12 votes cast. 66.66% of votes focused on single player. Considering known hostile actors, chance of all votes cast by hostiles range: 14.52% - 21.78%.

Simulating scenarios:
1. Unleash Omega Pirate on PlayerID_Pokepal. If Samus, theory of PlayerID_BeautifulShy confirmed.
ODDS: RISKY, jeapordises future position for unknown gain.
2. Address pessimism. PlayerID_ThatGuy instigates unchallenged rift in presumed FactionID_Pirates.
ODDS: POOR. Organic lifeforms susceptible to GroupThink.
3. Force stalemate, observe Kraid actions early.
ODDS: LOW. Time constraints unfavourable.
4. Defence. PlayerID_Mop_It_Up minor threat to .Adam/Mainframe. Threats must be removed.

Executing V0TE.exe... Vote Mop It Up

Holy ****, I forgot how Day 1 sometimes goes. I really just wanted him to stop talking that way and it seems like that got him killed. If it were someone other than Pokepal I’d be sad about that.


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