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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Sign-Up Thread. (Open until Mar. 15)

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For this game, the normal Metroid premise has been flipped around. The Space Pirates represent the townie side as they try to fight off the Federation Forces and Samus Aran in their attempt to replicate Metroids from one they recently captured and take over the Galaxy. The Mafia side is a squad of Federation soldiers operating outside normal Federation oversight trying to seize the Metroid for themselves and use it for secret covert experiments by shadowy figures inside the Federation. The Killer role will be Samus Aran herself who will blast any Space Pirates or criminal Federation Solders on her mission to get the Metroid out of the hands of both groups. The story and some gameplay twists will be based on this premise.


Townie Roles (Space Pirates)

Mother Brain - (Townie Detective) Can investigate any player of their choosing and learn the role of that player.

Ridley - (Townie Doctor) Can choose to protect any player of their choosing to protect them from either the day vote or the night actions. Ridley can also select to save himself up to two times in the game.

Kraid - (Vote Manipulator) Due to Kraid's size, he gets a bit more say in matters when it comes to the vote. If he wants to tell someone how to vote then they aren't going to argue against him. Thus, he can change someone else's vote to whatever he'd like in the day even if they haven't voted yet or at all that day. As well, if there is a tie at the end of the day, Kraid gets first crack at breaking it.

Mafia (Black Ops Federation Soldiers)

The Deleter - (Mafia Godfather) He can select a player to eliminate from the game during the night actions every game night. If investigated by Mother Brain, his identity comes up as a Space Pirate.

Federation Commando - (Mafia Goon 1) This player is first in line to inherit the Mafia hit if the Godfather is eliminated.

Federation Marine - (Mafia Goon 2) This player is second in line to inherit the Mafia hit if the Godfather and Commando are eliminated.

Federation Trooper - (Mafia Goon 3) This player is last in line to inherit the Mafia hit and only will get it if all other Mafia members have been eliminated.

Other Roles

Samus Aran - (Killer) Not a friend to either side, Samus is out to stop both the Pirates and the Federation Soldiers. She can make a hit every night. In addition, every player in the game will be host to a power-up of some type (except for Samus.) Whenever Samus successfully eliminates a player from her hit, she will acquire the power-up assigned to them which can make her more powerful as she hunts down both sides on her own. In addition, if she successfully votes out a player in the day, she will have a chance at acquiring the power-up assigned to the person who was voted out depending on the amount of votes cast for that player. So, if a person was voted out by six votes and Samus was one of those votes then she has a 1-in-6 chance of getting the power-up in that case.

List of Power-Ups/Items

The Metroid - The most important power-up/item of the game is The Metroid. At the start of the game, one of the players on the Space Pirate side who does not have a role will be assigned the Metroid. For any side to win this game, they must be in possession of The Metroid. For instance, if the mafia side has achieved a tie but they do not have the Metroid in their possession then the game goes on until they do. If Samus Aran acquires The Metroid then the game enters a Self-Destruct period for the next day. Samus Aran must be eliminated by the end of that day. If not, she escapes the planet with The Metroid and all other players die as the planet explodes thus giving Samus the win. The Metroid is the only item that can be swapped among players. If the player with The Metroid is voted out then it will randomly go into the possession of one of the players who were responsible for that vote-out. When a player gains possession of The Metroid, they lose whatever power-up/item they had before and The Metroid then becomes their item which they have until their demise or win. Samus is the only player who can have or hold on to multiple power-ups/items.

(Other items to be listed depending on player turnout. They mainly are for the benefit of the Samus Aran player who will be the only one to take advantage of them unlike The Metroid. Due to The Metroid's importance in the game, I wanted to make sure it was listed first to give people a chance to be aware of it.)

List of players

Mr. Bungle
Mop it up
Luigi Dude

There are currently 16 players signed up so far.

Thank you for being patient in waiting for me to start the sign-up thread and process for the next Mafia game. Hopefully, the time has also allowed a couple NWR members to get an article ready to promote the game as well during this sign-up period. It may not do much but it did seem to help us get one new regular in Mr. Bungle. Like the title mentions, sign-ups will be open until Mar. 15. Game to start on Mar. 16.

More information to come as I chip away at entering in the necessary game info in the OP. But while I do that, I might as well start giving everyone else a chance to join up and not slow down the sign-up process any further at this point.

In as Gandrayda. 

I'm in role-playing as Ridley.

In as whichever other bounty hunter in Prime 3 called Samus Sammy.


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