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I don't think I have ever seen a reverse turnaround like that with the townies voting out consecutive Mafia Members to end the game.  There might have been one other in Super Mafia Brothers Mafia but there may have been one townie vote out in between the remaining Mafia members but it is quite the feat to do it with two Mafias in the game.

Here is the past few days...

Luigi Dude- First OG Mafia Goon#2 into Ashford Mafia Goon #1
stevey-Alexia Ashford
Insanolord-Albert Wesker
Steefosaurus-townie( Mafia hit)
lolmonade- former OG Mafia Goon #1 and transformed into Ashford Mafia Goon#2/ 1st Successor.
Pokepal148- former Townie Encryptor turned into Ashford Mafia Goon #3/2nd Successor

I think I shall call this game "Detective Nickmitch or how I learned to stop worry and trust the Khushreanda." Look what happens when you finally work with me.

I do think I got too much blame for the first three days but whatevs. Maybe if I got support on Day 2 for my Insanolord vote then things would have been very different for me. Same with my Day 4 Stevey vote. Oh wells. I can't believe people bought into Insanolord's Day 1 hit frame-up of me. Just couldn't seem to overcome that yet when I pointed out how shifty and mafia-like Insanolord was acting, everyone was all like "oh that's just how he is. You're wrong. Let's vote ThePerm instead (and then blame Khushrenada for that choice later.)" Vendettas on you all!!!!

that Baby guy:
Good thing I wasn't playing.


--- Quote from: that Baby guy on January 24, 2020, 05:23:23 PM ---Good thing I wasn't playing.

--- End quote ---
I wonder what you would of done with this type of game with all the switching sides.

that Baby guy:
I would have been voted out the first day.


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