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Mafia 84:RE:CV Neighbor Wrapup thread and MVP Voting thread

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I had more material for Lolmonade to peddle to keep the debate going but he didn't make it back before voting ended.

I'm glad he didn't! Mr. Bungle still sounded like he was close to swinging the other way, and TOPHATANT123 was still open to convincing.

Mop it up:
I still saw more holes I hadn't pointed out yet, so I'm not so sure. Either way, there was no good excuse for not sending a message to prove himself, especially with the amount of time he had to do it. I feel it never should have even been a question due to that, but oh well, at least it still worked out in the end.

that Baby guy:
I will say, based on what I saw in the day thread, it definitely was an argument against the majority vote close. Essentially, mafia came in, made their argument, swung a vote or two, and the townies had not even logged on to make a counter-argument. The general townies who had their votes swung took their votes the other way after the townie side had a chance.

Though, I suppose the counter is, "If you don't really know what's going on, don't rush to judgment or you'll lynch a good guy by mistake."

Mop it up:
I believe the majority vote idea was introduced when we started doing games with 48-hour days, as a way to try to speed things up since they take so much longer now. I do have mixed feelings about the idea, although if I remember correctly, I believe there were some games where the majority rule no longer existed once it got down to a certain number of players. I think that makes sense to me, as when there are a lot of players, there will still be a lot of discussion before that many players all vote the same way, and it's unlikely there will be changes when that happens. But when there are fewer players, that's where the majority rule starts to make less sense.


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