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and that is a wrap....

With the final Ashford Mafia Goon in pokepal148 being voted out that is the end of the game.

The surviving members of Rockfort Island are Nickmitch(Claire Redfield), Mop it up(Steve Burnside), TOPHATANT123(normal townie) and last but not least, Mr. Bungle(normal townie).

As Claire and Steve look out on to the distance they see one person that they have been waiting to find all this time.  Chris Redfield.  Chris is arriving in a helicopter to bring everyone who survived with him to look for more of Umbrella, The Organization or any other company which wishes to use bio terror on the waking world down with swift righteousness and defeat.

   Steve is so happy to of lived because in another timeline he didn't and had to sacrifice himself for others but he sees now the best part of living is caring for others and to make the most of life. 

TOPHATANT123 was a civilian that was trapped on the island and after lots of back and forth on what the best method to escape the island he was able to see the right path and meet up with Chris and Claire to escape the island.

 Mr. Bungle was a scientist working on the island and had seen what his work was doing to everyone and resigned to not do that work anymore and using his analytical skills to divise the best way forward to escape the island and to put a stop to all of what he had in part of creating.  Mr. Bungle destroyed the island and escaped with Claire, Steve, Chris, the imprisoned person and charted a path towards the next frontier....

Now for those that haven't played in my games before I like to have everyone vote for the MVP of the game. There would be a MVP for the overall game and it can be anyone alive or dead that played in the game.   
I also like to have a "wild card" vote for those that were a big changer for the game who could have made a bigger change than they actually did in the way they played.

So Overall MVP and Wild Card player you can vote on.  You can PM me your vote or post in this thread your two votes.   

And with that I will open the thread up for discussion and wrap up. 

I will start with the remaining alive players and work my way down to most recent death all the way down to the first vote out on Day 1.

Nickmitch- You played as well as any player could being the investigator and you survived to the end of the game. 
Dispite getting multiple townie results in a row you played it smart and didn't put yourself out there until you needed to. When there is so many townies to start the game and you get townie results and Albert and Alexia show up as townie in investigations it is smart to stay hidden. I don't think it was planned but having pokepal148/ Mop it up as your voice was brilliant when you found good results. Wonderful game Nickmitch!!!

Mop it up- You were kinda limited at the start of the game but you played well and with your protects and you smartly waited to use your self protects until the latter half of the game.  I think you may have bluffed on the day that you didn't have any self protects left and that brought you to the end game alive and able to survive and vote out the last remaining two Ashford Mafia members.

TOPHATANT123- In general you played well and playing to the votes to keep yourself alive even if you were voting out townies. I think in the end though because a good portion of the townies were gone it helped clear the way to finding the mafia.

Mr. Bungle-  For your third game you played well and I noticed you going over past day threads which few players did from what I was able to see. I also liked that you put together a spreadsheet and asked questions of me to figure out things for oneself.   Wonderful game. 

Pokepal148- Overall you played the game to your role at the time.  It was really clever to use your role mid day and announce what you had sent me in the day thread. I actually didn't see the role being used that way but it worked well throughout the game.  After you turned I liked how active you were with questions and plans throughout the game and you seemingly had a plan for everything.  Really the only thing which I was how you dealt with the Encriptor role and faked a message instead of figuring out an in game workaround. Although in retrospect that wasn't an easy thing to do with how the role worked. Like Mop it up pointed out it was the act of the message and not the contents itself that mattered. 

lolmonade- I didn't really get much interaction with you until you turned but overall I felt like you played smart and made the right votes.  Possibly what cost you at the time was your inaction on the Luigi Dude and stevey vote outs.  I was theorizing that Insanolord or stevey were preventing you voting for someone out as a show of loyalty to either the OG Mafia or Ashford Mafia at the time of each vote.  I liked that you kept going for most of the game even though you and pokepal148 missed the 1 hour majority vote out time and didn't get to make a argument on why you were not Ashford Mafia Successor.

Insanolord-  I guess your vote out was my fault and I probably could have been more clear on what happened when Alexia(stevey) Ashford was voted out. It wasn't my intent to possibly out you but you were probably on borrowed time with what stevey's plan was for the game and stevey taking away two of your goons.  I hope my hosting didn't drive you away from Mafia as a whole.

Steefosaurus- I didn't get much interaction from you until you died but when you were alive I liked how you planned out your vote based on what happened in the past day threads.  Also you nailed the prediction on who was the remaining Ashford Mafia and the remaining townie roles after you died.  Good Job!!

stevey- You played a brilliant game and I guess I might have messed up you plan of neighborizing everyone in the game and not sending in a hit. That happened when you neighborized a second player in lolmonade and I messaged you saying you could have a hit that day when it was an even day after your neighborization of lolmonade on Day 4.  You went after pokepal but they were protected.   The neighborize was kinda overpowered in that while it was a 50/50 shot if successful it would happen right away and the neighborize would go through protections, a mafia hit would be able to be blocked.

Luigi Dude- Woah almost forgot you.  Lets see.  I liked how you played and you calmly pointed out why you were voting the way you did using reason and logic and it really only came down to voting patterns where you were voted out of the game since you had been in 4 straight vote outs of townies.

Khushrenada- you were entirely right on your Day 2 theory post on your suspicions on who was Mafia at the time. Insanolord, Luigi Dude, and stevey all turned out to be Mafia in one form or another.  I also appreciate our talks when I am stuggling with hosting. Always brightens up my day.

ShyGuy- I had no clue on what you were doing targeting Khushrenada from Day 1 but I guess you drew attention to yourself so you could be searched or you wanted out the game easily.  What was your plan?

ThePerm- I thought with you asking everyone to message you if you were a townie was very clever and I thought even though some leaks may of happened later on in the game because of the neighborize with everyone contacting you things would of narrowed down to just Mafia, Townie Roles and Alexia Ashford to find. Clever use of strategy.

GK- You didn't get to live long in the game from the day 1 Mafia hit but you stayed active in the dead thread and just caring about the game as it went on.

Stratos- Once again a no show for the game and I can only imagine the vote out on you was to jump on Mop it ups standard vote for you on Day 1. Which if you look at Day 1. lolmonade, Luigi Dude were already under fire from votes.

Daily goings on.
Day 1
Nickmitch investigated Khushrenada and asked for results right away. Khushrenada was a townie.
Mop it up protected Khushrenada
Vote out was Stratos.  Stratos was a normal townie
Night 1
Insanolord targeted GK with the Night 1 Organizational Mafia Hit. GK was a normal townie.

Day 2
Nickmitch investigated Mr. Bungle and asked for results right away. Mr. Bungle was a townie.
Stevey attempted to neighborize Luigi Dude and was successful. Luigi Dude was the Organizational Mafia Goon #2. Now Luigi Dude is the Ashford Goon #1.
Vote out was ThePerm. ThePerm was a normal townie.
Night 2
Mop it up protected Khushrenada.

Day 3
Nickmitch investigated pokepal148. Pokepal148 was Leon S Kennedy.
Pokepal148 the encrypter sent a message to say Khushrenada Smells
ShyGuy was voted out and he was a normal townie
Night 3
Mop it up protected Pokepal148
Insanolord (Albert Wesker) targeted pokepal148 but the protection prevented the kill.

Day 4
NIckmitch searched TOPHATANT123.  TOPHATANT123 is a townie.
Stevey neighborized lolmonade. It was successful. Lolmonade was the OG goon #1 and is now Ashford Mafia Goon #2
Khushrenada has been voted out and he was a normal townie.
Night 4
Mop it up protects pokepal148 tonight.

Day 5
Pokepal used his encryptor role to talk about Khushrenada smelling like a dead body.
Nickmitch investigated stevey. Stevey came back as a normal townie.
Luigi Dude is voted out.  Luigi Dude was the OG Goon#2 and turned into Ashford Mafia Goon#2   
Night 5
Insanolord wants to target Mop it up with his hit.
Mop it up used a protect on herself and pokepal148. Mop it up has 1 self protect remaining.

Day 6: Nickmitch searched Steefosaurus. Steefosaurus is a townie.
 stevey neighborizes pokepal and pokepal was the encryptor and becomes Ashford Mafia Goon #3
Stevey is voted out and he was Alexia Ashford.
Night 6
 Stevey selects lolmonade  as his successor.
Mop it up self protects and protects Nickmitch. Mop it up has no remaining self protects left.

Day 7:
Insanolord was voted out and Insanolord was Albert Wesker.  Since there is no more OG Mafia the Ashford Mafia gets the hit.
Night 7
Lolmonade targets steefosaurus with the Ashford hit.
Mop it up protects Nickmitch tonight.
Nickmitch searched Insanolord and Insanolord came back as a townie.

Day 8
Nickmitch searched lolmonade and lolmonade came back as the former OG Mafia Goon#1 and transformed into Ashford Mafia Goon#2/1st Successor.
Lolmonade was voted out and they were the former OG Mafia Goon#1 transformed into Ashford Mafia Goon#2/1st Successor.
Night 8
Pokepal is the last remaining Ashford Mafia member and thus automatically becomes the successor.
Mop it up protects Mr. Bungle.

Day 9.
Pokepal148 was voted out. He was the former Townie Encryptor turned into Ashford Mafia Goon#3/ 2nd successor.

Both Mafia are gone from the game. Townies win!!

You may post.

Back in the winner's circle!

Special thanks to Mr. Bungle and TOPHATANT123 for seeing the light! Mop it up, thanks for being a great ally, especially in the end game. Pokepal, sorry you got turned, but it was a nice gambit at the end. I thought our alliance was gonna win it. Your use of the encryption power was clever as a beacon for the townie roles. Khuhrenada, sorry you had to die, but that's the price of being wrong. I was almost right to trust you? Interesting play by Stevey! Pokepal had a lot of clout and got close to stealing it. And getting two OG goons actually helped the townies a lot by shifting power away from the OG Mafia.

Good game everyone!


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