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Mafia 84: RE: CV Neighbor Day 3- Alexia Strikes!!

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Results of Day 2
 ThePerm was voted out.  He was a normal townie.

Alexia Ashford used her powers on someone and they became her servant. Becoming the 1st goon.

Notes for todays game day

Same deal as yesterday with time of day length.  48 hours for Day 3 or when majority is reached and stays for one hour. With 12 players alive, majority is going to be 7 players voting for the same person.

Today is the Organization Mafia hit day. Albert Wesker can PM me here on the forums or through Discord his hit. I have the same name on Discord as on here.

Claire Redfield can message me on here or on Discord their action and receive the results early if you wish to do so.

Steve Burnside can message me on here or Discord who he wants to save and he can self protect if he so wishes.

Leon S Kennedy can send me an message on here or Discord the message he wants to have me post in the day thread.  He will only get one Encrypted message each game day.

Everyone has received a PM if you have a special role or if you are a normal townie. 

Players amongst the living

Mr. Bungle
Luigi Dude
Mop it up

Well, so much for that.

Well, now Khush has made me look like an idiot. :(

Yeah, my fault. I had other choices but pokepal148 decided to start gunning for ThePerm and since I needed some kind of alliance I went with it. But I told him in a pm that I really was hesitant about following his lead on the vote but y'all didn't leave me a lot of options at the end there.

--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on January 12, 2020, 11:09:32 PM ---Well, so much for that.

--- End quote ---

That comment strikes me as almost trying to dismiss yesterday's efforts. We tried targeting someone with Khushrenada but guess we shouldn't that anymore. Of course, I'm still wary of you so it doesn't help but darn it if I'm not going to let you slide at the moment because at least you were willing to work with me yesterday.

Right now, there's a few people that I'd like to see how they cast their votes. Yet, everyone might be nervous now to cast any vote because we still don't have any solid leads. I doubt the detective would reach out to me at this point but it would sure be nice to know if they've done anything that might help in figuring out who the mafia among us are. But the day has just begun so there's time yet to review first.

I just meant it in the sense that we thought we had reason for voting that way and it turned out we were completely wrong. You’re being pretty defensive in this game.


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