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Wow absolutely incredible. Thanks Khush.

This list did show two things. I will need to rework the second mafia i had planned (it's already been done!), and Mario Kart Mafia was the only one out of 25 that's been dual-hosted.

Do I still have the most wins?  I remember having it while Pyro was still around.

Also, perfect attendance!

I just re-read Mafia XII in its (short) entirety.  What a clusterfuck of a game that was.  I'm glad I missed it.


--- Quote from: nickmitch on October 01, 2008, 12:17:56 PM ---This has to be the most FTW funhouse thread since KingAdmin roamed the street.

Bravo, Khush.  Bravo.

--- End quote ---

Really? Now I have to finish this thing.

Glad you like it. I'm not sure if we have to sticky this thread but it'll be nice as I work on it.

As for stevey's list, there are some interesting things about it.

Although it is common lore that Mafia 2 resulted in everyone dying, looking through that game, it turns out Kirby Killer Dedede actually won that game. By not playing. He wasn't killed on the last day just in the story. So, truthfully, he should the winner. However, if people would prefer that game to remain as a death to everybody, I guess we can keep it that way.

Stevey's always been wrong about Mafia 6. Foxes won and Bill the host has said so. But hey. As curator of the hall, I can take care of those mistakes. He. He. He.


--- Quote from: vudu on October 01, 2008, 04:15:14 PM ---I just re-read Mafia XII in its (short) entirety.  What a cluster**** of a game that was.  I'm glad I missed it.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that was meant to be a random game of luck. It was fun while it lasted but it really stretched the mafia rules. I like that my story came true in the fact that no one talks about the game.


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