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I have completed Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~

Alright, you've had your chance. My assignment is submitted, rent inspection passed. There was a trip to Bunbury for a houseparty becuase we don't have any (significant) restrictions anymore and I'll be back on the games tomorrow. And I will finish a game tomorrow, and Tuesday and... hell I'll beat a game every day this week. It's going to be unprecedented. More and more people will talking about how incredible ability to finsih games, they may even call me the finisher.

This is actually huge. Apple have already kicked Fortnite off the app store and Epic had the barrel loaded to sue Apple. But now Google has gone and kicked them off too and Epic copy pasted the lawsuit to take on Google as well. Spotify have also thrown their support behind Epic and this all comes on the heels of Apple backing down in their dispute with Bootcamp over Hey. But not jsut that, Tim Apple, Larry Google and otehr CEOs all had some pointless bickering testifying to congress routine about Twitter shadow bans too and there's the fact that Tencent own 40% of Epic and a very loud man is trying to bad China and yeah wow.

I don't know where this will end up or the ins and outs of the of the lawsuit let alone all the otehr moving parts but this will take years to resolve. I think the days of platform holders taking a cut from in-app purchases are over, but if they can't make their digital storefronts profitable then those will either fall apart of something new will emerge to monetise us petty consumers.

I have now viewed the end credits of both BoxBoxBoy and BoxBoy + BoxGirl. I am invincible.
I might have to slow down for a bit thought because tomorrow I have 2000 words due and a rent inspection.

Sounds like you're trying to compete with me! I know it's not a competition, but I'm winning!

But for real just announce your intentions to clear off some other games here in this thread. Join the fun!

As for my progress, today I officially retire from World of Tennis. I was promoted to teh Elite III league and my elo ranking has now passed 2000 but I don't want anything more to do with this game. I think tehplayer skill cap tops out at level 20 and I'm level 17 so I mean, it's basically beaten right?

I've also started up BoxBoxBoy! to find that I already had a file with the first few world beaten. I am now up to World 7.


I wonder if, as someone who bought Pikmin 3 off the eshop, I would be able to download it again if I deleted it from my WiiU?

tfw I can't remember any of the divine beasts other than that sometimes they were laugho easy and othertimes excruciatingly hard.

Also, I beat Ever Oasis today.

UPDATE: Updating this post instead of replying to the thread again, I have updated my first post, adding Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~, BoxBoxBoy, and The Starship Damrey to my list of games to finish off. Just to make things hard on our diligent thread updater.

More and more people ahve been pulling me aside wanting to know how I'm going and what it's like going 4 days without seeing a credits reel. Gotta say, it's been hard. I'm really thinking of giving World of Tennis the flick, it's progression through the leagues makes so sense to me. I've been stuck in 'elite II' for ages now. I think I'm beginning to hate the game too.
For now though, I will endure, because the game I'm pairing it with, Ever Oasis, keeps getting better. I'm 17 hours in and expect to finsih in the next 6 or so. Great game. Should beat it before that slacker Pokepal who didn't even include my beating of Rayman on the 5th in his update.

Watching the Dragon Quest Builders 2 credits now. Worst boss fight in the history of gaming?
Which boss fight are you referring to? I don't remember having a problem with anything at the end of the game.
The final one, that you battle in your car and upgrade your abilities during the fight and the controls ahve changed for some reason. It's not bad in that it's hard, it's bad in that it's absolute trash.

So I've started Ever Oasis, seems fun. I wonder how long the game would be without all the talking though. I should be able to push through it by the end of the month with regular play sessions in the evenings.

Hitup Rayman Legends again, I'm really close to the end but there's going to be a bit of a grind to unlock the final set of levels. I have some thoughts on this game, on paper it should be an excellent 10/10 release but it falls flat somehow. Anyway some regular sessions as breaks between my study should get me through in a couple of weeks.
UPDATE: it is beaten.

After doing some research, I'm not sure it will be possible to beat Ring Fit Adventure this month. I didn't realise the game had so many levels and due to the nature of the game, and my desire to play it properly and not hurt myself, I don't think it's possible to finish it this month. I'm going to keep it in my list though to get myself into the habit of playing it regularly and I'll just chalk up what World I'm up to at the end of the month to mark my progress.

Terranigma, Disco Elysium and Xenoblade X are going to be the big three that will require some extended playsessions to lock myself away for.

A real danger is the possibility of getting addicted to Dragon Quest Builders 2 again. It's done now, playing it onyl takes away time form otehr games in this list but building stuff is fun and there's all kinda of cool chalenges to do. I will try to abstain for now. Maybe we can do Completember or something next month.

Also Lemonade should credit his clearing of XB:DE towards his month.

I guess I "beat" Where the Goats are.

Also I may've underestimated the grind of World of Tennis. Right now 'm not sure I will beat the final league before the end of the month.

We're allowed to talk about the Afterburner here!

Yeah I was bingeing Star Trek TNG in bed and totally forgot.

Watching the Dragon Quest Builders 2 credits now. Worst boss fight in the history of gaming?

Would you say it's a faithful remake? Stardew is king of farming games now but I could relive Friends of Mineral Town again.

I wanna play! I’ll play. **** what’s even on my backloggery? I need to update that too! I’m unemployed and the pandemic should hit my town eventually so it seems like a good time for back logging.

Ok time to get organised and also, ambitious. I'll list my plugged in consoles and what I can return to playing to put them to bed.

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 - I'm most of the way through but it's a long game. I'll focus on progressing the trash storyline so I can reach the credits and unlock everything for the creative modes. Done, Sunday the second
  • World of Tennis 1920 - As a slow burn F2P game, I'm 60% of the way through the game's league structure. I should be able to knock this one over across 15 play sessions. Retired. This F2P game doesn't seem to ever really end and I had underestimated the number of playsessions I thought I would require.
  • Rayman Legends - I'm 2/3rds of the way through but it's getting pretty tricky. Done, Wednesday the 5th
  • Ring Fit Adventure - TIME TO GET FIT AND STRONG! Much likeWorld of Tennis this will require a kind fo regular schedule to get through.
  • Boxboy + Boxgirl - The tale of true love and it turns out my save file is close to the end! Done, Tuesday the 11th
  • The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa - I suspect I'll have to start this one again, more torelearn the map than the story.Done. before 1am on the 30th of August
  • Detention - I had been saving this game for a night alone with the partner gone. Those have been rare during the coronatimes but she jsut messaged to say she'll be overnight at the clinic tonight so I guess I'll be rugged up with the dog playing a scary game!
  • Bury Me, My Love - Another one I quickly identified as easy to pusht hrough to the credits of. Will Nour ever safely make it to the Schengen Zone? Probably not in this run. Done. 30th of August. Nour did not make it

  • Little Red Lie - Short, story driven 'game'. It's stuck in 32bit world so I have to play it on my Aunt's old 2010 MBP she threw at me. Once it's done I can recycle the computer. Done, 31st of August. The last day of winter. I played this on a hand-medown Macbook Pro my aunt gave me. I had two kernal panics, both video card related, while playing it. I will recylce the computer as part of spring cleaning.
  • Disco Elysium - Pushing my little 2013MBA to it's limits, I've heard this award winning game is a 20 hour experience or so depending on how distracted you get.
  • Where the Goats Are - I'll talk about this one with my farming game bros. Apaprently only takes an hour. Should make a nice break from my studying data analysis. Done, Tuesday the 4th
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X - The big one. I don't know how far I have to go but I've unlocked all the map. I need to just grit my teeth and push through. Haven't picked it up in years. Going to be so lost. Please send help.
  • Star Fox Zero - I mean, I haven't ever played this. it's jsut one of those high score games right? Should be able to finish in an afternoon?

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Terranigma - Another big game to somehow knockover. I last plaeyd it a year ago. My backloggery account says "Just got the boat". This game is being played on original, PAL hardware.
  • Super Metroid - A game people speedrun in under an hour but I've never beaten it. I have a save in Maridia most of the way through the game. This game is being played on the Wii U Virtual Console, making it the gross, slow PAL version. Done 22nd of August, jsut before midnight.
  • Ever Oasis - Well I guess if Pokepal is playing it, I should too. Done. 10th of August. What a great game
  • Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ - To keep the 3DS in circulation I'm adding some short games I own but never engaged with. Got a lot of momentum going in this contest, so these short games will jsut leave me with an incredible highscore.Done, Monday, 17th of August
  • The Starship Damrey - A short story puzzle experience. Done, Tuesday the 18th.
  • BoxBoxBoy - Somehow I never played much of this one despite loving the original and BoxBoy + BoxGirl. I owe it to my Apple Time Capsule that I named after boxboy to beat this game.Done, Wednesday the 12th of August.
  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - If I change the difficulty to 'casual' I might be able to beat level two! Done, it turns out I could beat enough levels to reach the credits, but the story is clearly not over. Wednesday the 19th
  • Pullblox - This game is called Pushmo in developing nations. I never developed enough to finsih it thouhg. My file was found about ⅓ or the way through.DONE! 21st of August, 2020
  • Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon - I have a save file from many years ago, I guess I'll jsut pickup from there?
  • Edge - How do I have so many games done jsut halfway?Done (?) 23rd of August.
  • Retro City Rampage DX - I bought this way back when there was the incredible Nintendo Humble Bundle and I started it and thought it was alright but never got back to it. My file reads 11% complete. Done 24th of August. Save file only reads 61% complete but there's all sorts of bullshit collectables. I did all the story missions and watched the credits.
I have updated my backloggery
I will also update this post as games are completed and provide near constant updates with posts in the thread.

General Chat / Re: For all the Karens
« on: July 14, 2020, 07:59:33 AM »
Remember when we called the hipster chick in the Switch ad Karen?

Clearly the CIA is spreading conspiracy theories, again, after their newest bay of pigs plot was foiled.
Funny you mention the bay of pigs.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Super Mario Maker 2 - Did anyone here get it?
« on: April 27, 2020, 10:24:13 AM »
Today I loaded up the update and was disgusted by the pathetic attempt offered by the first custom World I tried made by some rando. I left him lots of negative feedback..
I enjoyed all the levels of yours though Phil and look forward to playing the full world.

I dream of the day I have the motivation, creativity and productivity to produce a world of my own.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 14, 2020, 03:53:04 AM »
What is the real US infection rate though? The John Hopkins Map says you've only tested around 3,000,000 people for 500,000+ positives. Or a 18% positivity rate.
In Australia, only about 1% of people tested come back positive. Eitehr you guys have been really good at not wasting tests or really bad at testing enough people.

Stevey, the patrol boat was constructed in Spain.

I really felt bad for lying to Rabicle. I think I prefer to be a townie in these games. Anyway, I thought that if I was a townie I would do whatever I could to support Kraid and the vote tying so that is what I did. I don't know how suspicious it was but I think by day 5 the townie alliance was just too strong. The only person that actually reached out to me individually was Rabicle. Thanks for sticking up for me Rab! Hopefully next time we are on the same side.
Haha, it's all in the game. I was jsut drawn to the idea of a workers union for space pirates. What a novel concept, to organise pirates. Also that you were jsut blatently rocking a Space Pirate sprite like me. Your mirroring of me on Day 4 was pretty good because Lucario was convinced I was mafia and begging the otehr townies to eliminate me but eventually they investigated me.

But yeah one other thing I wanted to comment on was Rabicle commenting on my use of they when referring to Fleece and thinking I was talking about Fleece and Mr. Bungle.    Yeah when I go with they nowadays I am usually talking gender neutral terms and if I say they when only talking about one person.  If I am talking about multiple people I will state a certain amount of people.
That possibility occurred to me in real time as I typed that sentence. Which is why it reads the way it does.

The critical mistake the Federation made was not killing every night. Why investigate? There's no 'wasted' kill. You have to eliminate everyone. And the vote break in day two by Kraid should've been the big sign to the Mafia (and the killer) that Steef was Kraid. If anyone was being saved by a townie power, they should assume they're valuable. And the fact the mafia knew the otehr option was their guy should've made ti a really safe call.

Anyway. I shouldn't tlak. I really did just tune out for the first two days and only paid attention from day three onwards. Pokepal and Steef are my picks for MVP, pokepal for drawing fire and in my opinion, doing the right thing to get the ball rolling for a townie alliance. Steef for securing the Metroid for himself.

Oh and sorry to BShy if I seemed inconsiderate. The 'lol' was me laughing that the vote was now easy.

That's it! We hold this for an hour!

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