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NWR Mafia Games / Re: Joja Mart Grand Reopening (The Dead/RP Thread)
« on: November 26, 2021, 04:55:20 AM »
Kinda slow at Joja Mart today. Think I'll put a nickel in the jukebox. Hmmm. Here's a song from my favorite country singer: Donald Duck!

"Oh, bury me thar
with my battered git-tar
a-screamin' my heart out fer yew!"

Bein' dead ain't so bad MKBungle! Joja Mart's better than the Wal-Mart meat section.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Joja Mart Grand Reopening (The Dead/RP Thread)
« on: November 26, 2021, 04:49:43 AM »
The disadvantage of the vote reaching critical mass at night is there's no time for anyone to change their mind. Darn time zones!

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Joja Mart Grand Reopening (The Dead/RP Thread)
« on: November 26, 2021, 04:47:21 AM »
Hey, pokepal! Ya got any chicken livers? I'd like to suck the blood. Don't have any money to pay for it, but I could spare Mop it up and help mop the place. As long as I don't have to clean up any flea powder!

Mayor Khush, I'm beginning to lose faith in your mayorship. Jus' letting' the place be overrun with these mustachioed villains! If they don't take me off the rolls, somebody's liable to use my vote to go against you in the next election!

You struck true once before vigilante! Do so again! Or I'll come back as a ghost flea and bite ya!

A friendly country flea just isn't cut out to contend with these Mafia types. They were selling me what I thought was Grade A Frogs and instead was a flea circus! With me as the star!

Thank goodness Mama taught me readin' and 'ritin', so I've sent my last messages to those townies who will be left. I'm pretty sure the rules are you can't post such on the public bulletin board. The Shady Village town crier would be fit to be tied reading' such! So I'll leave it with those who will be alive to act.

Vote Order.RSS. The second Mafia-type fella I'm not as sure of. But I'd assume it was nickmitch since he started the boulder rollin' and Order.RSS finished it fer 'em!

I hope there's some big, juicy dogs in the afterlife!

"There'll be food around the corner, food around the corner, food around the corneeeer for me!"

But on two investigations, we can’t be too sure.

Bungle could investigate at any time, so he could have investigated three times.

Howdy fellow Shady Villagers! Forgive me for not posting a rebuttal earlier. Thanksgiving and all. With great assistance from Order.RSS (Steefosaurus), I think I can submit a persuasive argument about who are the two Mafia members.

Let's establish the players. Five people voted against MKBungle: lolmonade, myself, ThePerm, insanolord and stevey. We know lolmonade was an innocent townie plowing his fields before being struck down by Mafia Town's worst denizens. That leaves four left, three of which are most likely mafia. We know stevy was the Mafia's falling leaves. That just leaves me, ThePerm and insanolord.

To explain my vote: If you look at my post voting for MKBungle, you'll see an edit before Year end. I thought ThePerm still had his vote on MKBungle, so I edited to unvote. Since I couldn't decide between MKBungle and stevey, my intention was to have a tie. To paraphrase what Mop it up said to me (when I was trying to contact ThePerm on Discord to see how sure he was about his detective info), when in doubt, go for chaos. But then I saw that ThePerm had unvoted, thus no tie. So I edited again to keep the vote tied.

But wait, you ask: "Didn't ThePerm unvote MKBungle? He couldn't be Mafia!"

From Order.RSS: "This stood out to me. First Perm looks to be covering for Stevey here, then nobody posts until right at the deadline when - shocker - Stevey himself swoops in at the last minute.

Note the post has cover for Insanolord too, while he claims to be in contact with the Detective (Bungle - Perm even removes his vote against Bungle). Who did Bungle vote? Insanolord."


We know MKBungle was the detective. So it wasn't MK that did the contacting. What's more, ThePerm just unvoted. He didn't change his vote to a new target. The target the detective themselves chose!

I have no powers, so I can't "prove" everything. But my contention, which I think is most likely to be true, is that insanolord is defintely Mafia and ThePerm is a close second. Which one is the Godfather of the Salted Earth and which is his corn-trampling Goon, I have no idea. Doesn't really matter.

I strongly suggest we unvote insanolord and that the vigilante, who struck so true with stevey, take another shot, this time at ThePerm and end Mafia Town once and for all! May Shady Village take its place forevermore!

I'll take a white sheep, brown cow, and white goat.

Furthermore, the reports that I'm making animal girl hybrids are completely false. They arose naturally in the farmers market down the road that I had nothing to do with. Also my farm stockpiling muskets after the allegations begun is just a coincidence. AND NO TRESPASSING!

Hmmm. We may have found the farm Val Kilmer retired to!

For my next pick from the Mayor's seemingly endless bounty, I'll pick some blue roses. Kinda matches my nose, you know! And some Crucian Carp. Sounds lie something my ancient Greek flea ancestors snacked on!

As for voting, the shock of the ruination of Jaime and BeautifulShy's happiness and the Mayor's sprained ankle shook me. I have no inside info, but I'm wavering between stevey and MKBungle. I hate to suspect a little sprite, but BeautifulShy's message from last year made me wonder who the mole was in that townie allaince. Was it just MKBungle?

For now, I'll Vote MKBungle, but I'm open to hearing persuasion to vote for them or someone else.

I'll pick frogs and salmon. I'm sure my peacocks would love a bit of the pink fish! So would I. Need all those Omega 3s!

A rookie farmer can't fail with Mayor Khushrenada's bountious generosity! I'll pick frogs this time. I love frog giggin'! And I can sell frog legs to Hanna's Cafe! Hear she wants to go in a French cooking direction! :D

28 is considered old in Shady Village? Hmmm. Did the mafia dump toxic waste nearby many moons ago? And pokepal was the town doc even though he seemed to spend most of his time hawking canned scrambled eggs? People seem kinda off in this town.

Meanwhile, there's a granddaughter to comfort! People need food after funerals, so I'll ask for some pumpkins. Perfect to make pumpkin pie! Takes a flea a long time to put the whip creme on top, but it's worth it!

Hey guys, anyone want a raccoon? I fed this mythical creature on nothing but wheatbix and vegemite. He looks incredibly happy!

That's not a raccoon, that's a wallaby! You can't fool me!
Raccoons, Wallabies, Red Pandas, it's all good to us fleas! We like variety!

I'll take a blowfish, please thanks. What girl could resist a well-prepared blowfish? I'd even take the first bite, just to make sure it wasn't deadly! Now that's true love!

Statues of the mayor, you say? Not a bad idee, but I hope it doesn't get out of hand like it has in some burgs

We need room for the crops!

I'll pick the Peacocks next. Such beautiful birds! Any flea would be proud to live on such an animal!

I was a little concerned 'bout Granny Mop it up's greeting, but she seems a little crotchey towards everyone. Guess it jus' takes her awhile to warm up to new folks. I'm sure her granddaughter is a lovely meal, I mean girl!

I love apple pie! I'd be happy to keep the pests away from MKBungle's apple orchid! Without having to use pesticides, he could sell his apples at the high organic price! I wonder if lolmonade's wife makes lemonade as well as apple pie? The Sunshine Festival is looking delicious!

Howdy, folks! A. Flea, here. So good to be here in Shady Village! Mayor Khushrenada's brochures made it seem like the place to be! And so welcoming! Offering free crops to get a farmer started! They'll be food around the corner in no time!!

Mayor Khush, I'll have peaches and morning glories for my first crops. Thank ye!

It's Harvest Time!! In! :)

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Future Mafia Games
« on: October 18, 2021, 11:25:39 PM »
Do you think the next mafia will have a simpler ruleset? I noticed some people mentioning it. The challenge is having enough tweaks to still make it interesting (more interesting than a regular mafia game already is, that is!).

Quote from: Khushrenada
(I myself was also away for that weekend and back home late Monday. It made me just miss out the Tetris 99 Event. I suddenly remembered the Monster Hunter theme was happening and logged on. I had about 48 minutes to get it. Closest I came was 5th place in one match. The clock passed the deadline and I need 20 points to get it which would probably require another top ten finish or higher. I got eliminated around 42nd place just giving me 10 points and a total of 91/100 only for the theme to then disappear. First time I missed a theme in Tetris 99. Obviously this is the worst thing anyone suffered while this game was played.  :P)

There hasn't been a greater tale of woe since Juliet and her Romeo.

I think the game was good. It's just that the mafia was on the ball quicker than usual and certain things fell their way early on. If Gooigi had've lived longer and the Vigilante made some hits, things would've been more interesting (or the game ended even sooner. :P).

Does the new intro music signal the beginning of season 6? The music made me think this is what it's like to go clubbing with Jon and Eiji Aonuma. Great fun, but a bit scary? ;)

Glad James kept in the bit during the break talking to Xander about Dr. Mario World.

I had Internet troubles for the first day and much of the second. I talked to pokepal, Steefosaurus and James. I wondered if James had some kind of vigilante or killer role, but it was just a thought. I knew pokepal had a role after I was sent back to Home Sweet Bog, but I thought he was the doctor at first rather than the Vote Manipulator.

I thought Luigi Dude and TOPHATANT123 had to be mafia.Their votes were a bit too convenient.

I'm surprised ShyGuy didn't start taking people out at some point. Not much to lose if you make a mistake at the rate things were going. Though I understand things came up so I'm not sure how much that affected his actions.

Congrats to Mop It Up, TOPHATANT123, Luigi Dude and Mr. Bungle! :)

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Professor E. Gadd's Vault (The Dead Thread)
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:56:12 PM »
Looks like the ghost dingos are surrounding RABicle. That's why mansions are so dangerous. This kind of stuff never happens out in the swamp graveyard. So tranquil out there!

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Professor E. Gadd's Vault (The Dead Thread)
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:47:05 PM »
I hope pokepal isn't a townie. Never let vedetta get in the way of mafia! Or is it the other way around?

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Professor E. Gadd's Vault (The Dead Thread)
« on: October 11, 2021, 09:15:42 PM »
I had Internet troubles until Friday, so that's why I wasn't as active until Day 2. I remember one mafia where I had Internet troubles and wasn't able to even read a post until Day 3 and I got pretty far into the game. :P Don't think I won that one, but close.

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