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Khush messaged me on discord so I’m back and I’m in.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2022?
« on: January 11, 2022, 10:12:41 PM »
Aw, ****. Here we go again.

  • Detective Pikachu finally comes out. I think this year offers the most room for that game to breathe. With Legends Arceus out soon, I don't think we get Gen IX this year, so it's that or Johto re-remakes. And I think Detective Pikachu 2 is more likely. The other option is DLC for SwSh or Legends.
  • Splatoon 3 is delayed to 2023. I think the game is due for a delay.
  • Metroid Prime 4 happens in trailer form.
  • Breath of the Wild 2 is the big holiday release.
  • We got Wario Ware last year, so the party game for 2022 is Rhythm Heaven.
  • I know there are rumors of new hardware, but I'll say no new hardware announcements this year. The Switch is doing great, and the supply chain is not. I think Nintendo would want Switch sales to peter out a little more.
  • There will be at least one HD remake of a GameCube game released on Switch this year. I think Nintendo would want to explore HD ports over putting games on NSO, and I base that opinion on absolutely nothing. I will also count this as a win if the Zelda port rumors are true.
  • Might as well dust this one off: Bayonetta 3 is the Halloween release.
  • I think there's been enough time for a new Donkey Kong game to be announced. I'm not confident enough to predict who's developing.
  • I think I want my wildcard to be either Chibi Robo or Pikmin. So, I'll go with a Chibo Robo announcement this year.

Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Spider Eye & Hawk Man)
« on: December 27, 2021, 09:26:48 AM »
Great summary, Adrock. That movie felt very Spider-Man. I loved the scene where they're all sitting around waiting for the big fight to begin and just comparing notes about being Spider-Man. That little group therapy session felt really good for me as the viewer because it gave each character something they've never had before: kinship.

Ned trying to figure out if the other Spider-Men have a 'Ned' in their lives was hilarious to me. It reminded me of that episode of Rick and Morty where Jaguar asks if he has infinite daughters and Rick replies "No, just me".  Spider-Man is the only constant. Sorry, Ned.

I was really blown away by the acting throughout. It felt like everyone was giving it their all. Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus might've had their best versions in this film.

Speaking of Strange/Peters's decision-making, I thought it was weird that Peter needed Ned and MJ to "Scooby-Doo this ****". I wasn't entirely sure what they did other than look up news articles. The phone being taped to Peter also felt unnecessary. But it did keep the group together, so I went with it.

Such a great movie all-around. Easily in my top 5 MCU just from the years' worth of payoff. I also think the movie gives some commentary on other superhero films, MCU in particular, by having Peter insist on reforming the villains instead of letting them die.

Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Spider Eye & Hawk Man)
« on: December 22, 2021, 05:04:48 PM »
Did anyone else watch the Spider-Men?

Dang. Missed it. :(

Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook

I'll play.

Argh! Congrats to the mafia on the win!
If RSS had either sent the plan to go after ThePerm just a few minutes earlier...

Oh, man! So close! LOL!

If RSS had either sent the plan to go after ThePerm just a few minutes earlier...

Or if I had listened to Nickmitch it could've swung differently, too. Would have put 3 votes on Insano, which would also prove his ThePerm=Godfather theory after Perm joined us on Wah.

But the reality is us two were not sure 100% convinced of anyone.

Yeah, it took me a while to get to where Perm being the Godfather made the most sense. With the tension just having been wrong about MASB and needing to thread the needle perfectly to win, I let myself overthink things. But the initial votes put us on the right track, we just didn't take the time to fully react.


Dang you weren't kidding about committing to the bit!

Man, that post is hilarious in hind sight. His defense of Stevey should've been more damning, but he had a such a sound argument. Stevey was heavily telegraphing the mafia kills, which wouldn't make me suspect him. That ended up being a double-reverse-psyche-out and kept me from suspecting Perm who came up as Townie in the investigation.

On another note it frustrated me a bit that there wasn't much activity after I died in the game threads and people just seemed to skate through the game without putting much effort in or players expecting to be carried to the end.  It seemed like the early work me, pokepal and mop it up put in wasn't followed up on later.

I was back and forth with Order.RSS on Discord. But I guess we dropped the ball in the endgame. T_T

Argh! Congrats to the mafia on the win!

I knew it was Insano and Perm at the end, but like RSS said, we didn't get LuigiDude or decide until it was too late. The voting on the last day revealed that it couldn't be both Wah and Insano, with Perm willingly going for LD, it meant they might not both be mafia, but Perm's vote came after the 2-2 tie. Insano was the only one without an alibi, but Perm's aliby was coming up townie, so it was always a gamble that he'd be the godfather.

vote wah

**** it. Un-Vote Insanolord

Well, fellow citizens. It’s time to blow this game wide open. With 8 players left, including two mafios and one vigilante, we’ll need to quickly narrow things down to pull out a win. But the question is: who is who?

Tophatant and Order.RSS were the first to go for Stevey last year, so they’re both likely townies with Stevey having been revealed as mafia.

Lolmonade and MASB started the vote against MKBungle, who we now know was the detective. This puts the suspicion on those two the most. But lolmonade did vote for Crimm, so there’s more suspicion on MASB.

But wait! Bungle himself put the vote out for insanolord. But why? Inside information? Or just general suspicion? And why was Wah so confident in joining him? Did Wah know anything at that time? Wah has laid pretty low this game, making me think he’s not super active and either threw out a vote for chaotic reasons or because he knew it was safe. Both are possible. But on two investigations, we can’t be too sure.

Speaking of insano, his vote is a little less suspect since he clearly needed the self-defense play. This alone wouldn’t swing anything either way. But the votes didn’t protect insano. The votes protected Stevey.

Going back a year, Crimm, mafia goon, votes for Luigidude in self-defense, making him innocent. A mafia goon wouldn’t throw another under the bus.

Then you have Perm, who’s retracted a vote that was toward the detective. But he’s also questioned every vote, including ones for Stevey, although he made good points. He’s playing like a townie, a cautious one, but a townie.

That just leaves me. And I’m innocent. You can trust me. Look at the votes.

So anyway. I’m going to vote MASB. I’m now open the floor to rebuttals.

Going to Vote Stevey for now

I still want some Hibiscus.

Shrimp, white rose, and pink rose will be my next picks ASSUMING THE LIST IS UP TO DATE. Who has time to read spreadsheets and posts?


I'll pick turtles.

Also, I'll vote LuigiDude because I dunno. Vibes?

I think I forgot about this game. My bad.
From the list, I'll take crawfish, rice, beagles, and lavender. I like all those things.

I will claim sunflowers as those are my faves.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2021?
« on: November 16, 2021, 02:55:19 PM »
  • All three Smash DLC characters make it out this year. No Pokemon, one last anime boy, another boss villain, with my wild card being Lala and Lolo.
  • Rhythm Heaven (or Wario Ware) finally comes to Switch
  • Sinnoh Remakes, mega evolution is still dead.

Well, we got Wario Ware and Mega Evolution is still dead. And Sora is definitely an Anime Boy.

General Chat / Re: Good gaming PC for 11-year-old?
« on: November 15, 2021, 02:10:45 AM »
Thanks! I'll keep those in mind!

I think he's been watching streamers on Twitch/YouTube, which may be where this is coming from. I'm thinking if I can find something older but has the neon lights that the kids like, then that'll be enough to impress him.

I'll need to triple-check if I already bought Astral Chain, but I think a nice discount may get me to buy Paper Mario. I'm also tempted to buy my THIRD copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, but who knows if I'll actually finish it this time?
I am in a similar stance on Paper Mario. I have seen it for $40 before though. For $20 it would be an impulse-buy. I think $30 is the highest I will go though. I just went back to Astral Chain and it still awesome but I forgot the controls completely.  :-[

I played Hades yesterday and was kinda the same way, lol. $20 is an easy buy for Paper Mario, but $40 is good if I actually play it.

That could be cool. The first step in solving the puzzle could be identifying the killer, who could be exposed by surviving the day vote (but also blocked from making a kill that night) and the townies need to come up with some other action (maybe related to the day vote) to win.

I'll need to triple-check if I already bought Astral Chain, but I think a nice discount may get me to buy Paper Mario. I'm also tempted to buy my THIRD copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, but who knows if I'll actually finish it this time?

Nintendo is not in the business of selling investment vehicles.  The fact that anything you buy from them could appreciate in value on secondary markets is incidental.  If the market demand for a product is there, they should produce that product, especially if the "limited" nature of the initial release was to the chagrin of their core market.

I'm glad you liked it! I was considering going to see it this weekend. I missed F9, so my last movie experience was Black Widow. I'd been feeling a little down lately, but my mood has been on an upswing, so I'd like to carry that momentum with a good viewing experience. Might go tomorrow.

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