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General Chat / Changing patterns in online communities
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:24:43 AM »
I took this screenshot earlier today of NWR's forum stats. Registered users, new topics and members online show no real pattern. But page view do (they're steadily increasing) as do new posts (dropping like a rock.)

I feel that this is part of a wider trend. Forums, especially forums that are adjacent to their mother websites, are in structural decline, losing out on online discussions being monopolised by Facebook and Reddit. But obviously there are a lot of other factors that would influence the use of NWR's forums, like NWR's overall popularity and even Nintendo's popularity.

There's another angle to this though. Forums are also giving way to slack/discord/telegram and other centralised chat programs, this is particuarly notable because they're so similar to IRC which itself fell in use as forums rose in the early to mid 2000s.

Anyone a social media analyst or whatever that can make sense of all this for me?

Nintendo Gaming / Pikmin 3 to Wii U, replicatable freezing
« on: August 11, 2014, 10:54:40 AM »
Ok friends. This is frustrating.

So I load up Pikmin 3 eShop download, version 2.0.0
I play for a bit then I have enough and hit the him button and return to the Wii U Menu.
It freezes while loading the Wii U menu, every single time.

I also have an HDD attached.

Has anyone and any similar problems? Any suggestions to fix this?

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / NWR is too slow
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:14:53 AM »
I've jsut made a bunch of A grade posts and there hasn't been anyone to react to them yet. Why do I even bother living?

General Chat / Comrades, let us rejoice, for we are young and free
« on: April 08, 2013, 08:31:47 AM »

I'm wearing my sex pistols shirt tomorrow.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / 3DSXL is the worst
« on: June 22, 2012, 10:35:33 AM »
It's like a fucking competition for Blunder of the Year or something. It's like Nintendo are looking at the Vita and thinking "how can we top that for non functionality?" It's like Nintendo want to be more out of touch than people think they are. It's like I've run out of metaphors.

What the **** are they thinking? They redesign the 3DS by making it bigger and heavier? It's already too big and heavy! This is why I spend most of my portable gaming time on my iPhone! The pixel density on the 3DS is already embarrassingly low for year of our lord 2012 and they go and make it worse! They release a crazy arse peripheral to add dual analogue functionality to their rushed to market portable and then, when deciding to redesign it, don't add that? This design will require a new, even crazier peripheral! WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING NINTENDO? The battery life on this thing is STILL **** and they've ramped it up to a size where they're competing against Ultrabooks that last all day. Oh and they're not even including an AC adaptor with it in Japan. Get the **** out of town I'm calling the cops on this ****. Where is the dept of consumer protection when you need one?

If you buy a 3DSXL you are part of the problem.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / All the avatars have changed!
« on: November 30, 2011, 04:20:18 AM »
Can everyone put their old avatars back so I don't have to read people's names?

Nintendo Gaming / Cancel your Nintencats pre-orders.
« on: February 14, 2011, 11:29:30 AM »
Only 'breeds' confirmed are long hair, short hair and siamese. Seriously.

Why even bother including them Nintendo? **** your bias to dogs.

Dogs suck. When was the last time a dog did anything good? As far as I can tell all dogs do is smell bad and try and **** people's legs.

General Chat / Everything about Windows sucks
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:16:11 AM »
So I jsut got myself a windows box thing and every moment with it is pure aggravation. Right now I'm trying to download newer drivers for my graphics card because that is the sort of bullshit you have to concern yourself with running windows. So from the existing driver i click a 'get new drivers' update or something. And this open a webpage in Internet Explorer (why, I set Opera as my default web browser) and after confessing to ATi my specs it took to a webpage with 4 separate downloads that as far as I can tell all do the same ****. I download the first 100meg files but it wants the otehr three as well but I've closed IE so I open IE and want to just visit my history but WHERE DO I DO THAT? Every fucking application in this operating system has it's own unique and bullshit way of setting out it's menus so I'm searching all over the fucking screen . The traditional menubar is nowhere to be seen, on some aborted brother of the tabs bar as some, symbols that could be menus, I don't know. I click around a few of these like safety which lets me delete my history but WHERE IS MY HISTORY?! There is a questionmark menu but I just know that is going to launch a pile of bullshit.

So why do I have to meticulously manage my drivers?
Why can't it just get me new drivers, the right ones, when I need them?
Why aren't my default apps opening by default?
Why doesn't anything have a unified menu layout?
This is the worst **** ever.
I just wanna play Beyond Good and Evil.
I shoulda jsut bought an Xbox.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / E3 SCRIPT INCOMING!
« on: June 08, 2010, 02:53:05 PM »
Well not quite jsut yet. :) Sorry guys I had to take a few days off after submitting a bunch of huge assignments at the end of semester but I'm all rejuvenated to be creative again. Here's a sample of the first two paragraphs from my E3 script for this year. It's actually not finished but will be posted at the site linked in my sig once it's all done.

Reggie and I had a coffee last week and we had a lot to catch up on. Turns out he's been so busy kicking arse, taking names and running NOA that he hasn't even had time to plan E3 in years, let alone get Fatal Frame 4 or Disaster: Day of Crisis localised. Who has been planning E3 then? You guessed it, Cammie Dunaway. Last E3 was a real kerfuffle, if you recall my entry last year, Cammie told me that had already done the conference inside an LA McDonalds and it involved Reggie fighting everyone. You can just imagine my sense of betrayal when the actual conference took place and Reggie was retrained to talking about sales while Cammie embarrassed herself in front of the gaming community again. I was telling Reggie over coffee that it was these lies that forced me to sleep with Cammie's daughter out of spite and causing the breakdown of our relationship.

It has to be said, Reggie is such an understanding and caring man. He looks me square in the eye and tells me that I did the right thing to cheat on Cammie with her daughter. He goes on though to explain that, despite my virtuous actions, Cammie had fallen into a state of despair. In her desperate state the currently scheduled conference was to be her coming out on stage and performing interpretive dance of projected 2011 sales figures to the tune of a Super Mario Bros ringtone. Reggie explained that it was up to me to track Cammie down, cheer her up and deliver a solid E3 script. I asked if we needed a high concept one like my rejected Animal Crossing proposal or actually do the McDonald's conference from last year. Reggie told me that we just had to keep it simple because planning time was short. Reggie payed for our coffee with a $100 note and left before they could give him change.

Hope you like it so far, There's a real sense of story here somewhere. This year the conference itself it going to be pretty straightforward but there might be some sorta twist.
Feedback is welcome of course.

EDIT: I'm reading over what I've written jsut there and ****. I think the biggest problem with the way I write is easily tense. I jump all over from the future to present and past tense. Does anyone else notice or have a problem with this?

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / What has become of Termin8Anakin
« on: February 01, 2010, 11:40:25 AM »

I wonder if that direct linking works.
Either way he made it to NCL

What lovely weather they enjoy in Japan.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / It sucks when
« on: January 24, 2010, 03:34:44 PM »
It sucks when you're staying up past 4 am jsut to listen to breakfast radio broadcast from the eastern steas because you're trying to win a competition and they don't even call you.

I haven't given up hope yet, two more rounds remain where I might get called. I just wish they'd open it up live instead of randomly picking from a list I registered for last week.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / NWR Masturbation Club
« on: October 28, 2009, 01:36:56 AM »
I'm really into pulling on my penis. Does anyone else find this fun?


Despite owning GameFAQs, Gamespot are taking one out of their book and doing a character contest, albiet limited to lead heros only. The good news straight off the bat is that there aren't any Kingdom Hearts characters clogging up the list with their filth. The bad news is the hero of the ages, Travis Touchdown a champion everyone aspires to, didn't make the initial shortlist. LUCKILY we can save his sorry arse and demand his inclusion. They're taking the top ten from this poll to round out the 64 entrants and Travis is currently tenth, behind traitorous fuckwits Banjo & Kazooie. We can help our warrior Travis, although maybe he performs better from tenth place.

Also, Kyle Hyde didn't make it but I doubt he'd care.


Militant domain squatters win!

Has anyone else noticed the tits on the ads for EVONY, some game about tits that advertises here jsut keep getting more and more prominent? At first it was all "save the priness" and jsut some pretty CG lady down the corner and now it's like SAVE THE CLEAVAGE! and a little button down the bottom reminding you to click.

Nintendo Gaming / Brains Trust: Simultaneous Mario Bros.
« on: June 07, 2009, 04:50:25 AM »
Now we all know that simultaneous multiplay Mario Bros was first done on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on GBC, no doubt serving as the inspiration for NSMBW. But I can faintly remember something. In some early 90's move some kids were playing Nintendo and they were saying "Ok I've got this leaf" "Allright leave the next one for me" and then a quick glance at the screen reveals that there were playing Super Mario Bros. 3 simultaneously. (!!!) Does anyone remember what movie it was? For some reason I'm thinking Honey I Shrunk the Kids or something of a similar vintage.

Does anyone else remember such a movie? Did I imagine the whole thing? It was like false product placement for a game that didn't' exist. Oh and anyone who brings up The Wizard gets shot in the face ok?

You all know the site right? so anyway I log in and then go to download say, the Metroid M trailer, the download suddenly finsihes up a few seconds early. The Zip complains to me as it unarchives and then the .mov file left over with wont run at all or is missing everything after the first few seconds.


Last night I had Cammie Dunaway over. I found it unusual that she'd be in Perth this close to E3 so I said "You're not leaving yourself much time."
"Hehe, for what sweety?" Cammie replied.
"E3 of course, it took me over 24 hours to fly to LA"
"Oh we've already done it silly"
"Done E3? the press conference and everything?"
"Yeah we recorded it last week, everyone who attended is under an NDA. Only the internet hasn't found out yet, hehehe."
This was a lot for me to take in so I motioned for her to get back to sucking my cock. Over the next hour, when she came up for a breather, she filled me in on what happened.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Upon arriving at the Club Nokia for the conference, journalists found a very large notice stating that the conference would not be held there and instructing them to assemble at the McDonalds down the road. A poor hired Nintendo lackey had the job of falling over himself apologising to disgruntled journalist who felt the rug was pulled from under them.

Disappointment turned to bewilderment when the journalists discovered that the McDonalds was still operating as it would normally, Nintendo hadn't even booked a birthday party or a visit from Ronald. Not all were disappointed however, Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann was delighted to find his usual reserved table unoccupied and sat down after ordering 2 large Triple Quarture Pounder McValue Meals with a sundae. Jealous onlookers such as RawMeatCowboy from GoNintendo followed suit and silently tried to outdo Jeff's order.

After a few moments of frustrated waiting, Cammie herself walked into the McDonalds. "Hi everyone, I hope you've all been smiling this past year," she announced. Her arrival sparked a chorus of booing and several faces screwed up in anguish, an expression that will no doubt be mirrored in the monitors of disenchanted nerds the world over. Sensing their animosity, Cammie struck first, producing a newly stolen PSP Go from her knickers and throwing it at the nearest journalist. The nearest journalist wasn't any of the gaming variety but an LA Times ghost writer enjoying his morning hash brown. Using his superior hand eye co-ordination he caught the device and hurled it back at Cammie. With the PSP in mid air, Reggie jumped through the nearest window and caught the machine in his mouth.  As he brushed the glass off, Reggie began to eat the PSP Go, chewing though it's plastic husk.

"Thank you Reggie" said Cammie. "Now a lot of you might be wondering why we're holding our 2009 conference here in McDonalds. No, E3 hasn't been scaled back further due to the recession, instead we felt that McDonald's affordable and tasty family food perfectly reflected our philosophy of marketing towards the casual, everyday demographic." Cammie's explanation was met with a chorus of groans.
"DON'T ACT SO UNGRATEFUL!" Reggie yelled as he brushed the PSP's crumbs off him. "WE KNOW FULL WELL THAT ALL YOU FILTHY, UNHEALTHY DOGS WOULD BE RACING DOWN HERE AS SOON AS OUR CONFERENCE WAS OVER. CONSIDER THIS A CONVENIENT FAVOUR!" Subdued by Reggie's humbling criticism, the journalists murmured agreement.

Cammie took over again. "Allright now down to business, first I want to talk about Q1 sales growth and the DSi laun-"
"CAN I JUST INTERJECT FOR A MOMENT LOVE?" Reggie politely asked.
Reggie was so worked up he had to approach the McDonald's counter, toss aside the person ready to serve him and help himself to some chips just to calm himself down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Does he often do that?" I ask Cammie.
"Oh yeah sometimes. We actually keep Donkey Kong around the office just so they can beat each other up when they need to unwind. Anyway I didn't even get to talk about the DS sales figures. I had prepared an Apple pie as a substitute pie graph but some arsehole from Gamespot saw it and ate it before I could point our the record breaking figures."
"Aww that's a shame" I say, barely suppressing my amusement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Well moving along" an exasperated Cammie said while the greedy Gamespot's staffer licked bits he'd spilt off the floor. "We can talk about new games now."
"First up we're excited to announced Star Tropics Melanesia!" This shock announcement was greeted with a stunned silence, punctuated only by the sound of RawMeatCowbow's Big Mac landing on the ground.
"Oh! If that was Little Mac you'd just dropped you'd be the new boxing champion!" Cammie chortled, impressed with her own wit.
"I wanted to bring it in and show you how much fun it is but Reggie wouldn't let me."
"May I have an impression of Star Tropics Reggie?" IGN's representative nervously asked. Reggie strode over to his table, drew a penis and punched him.

Cammie began addressing the now petrified journalists again; "Now we heard much disappointment the press that we were not localising Disaster: Day of Crisis for the American market." Cammie continued. "As usual, your fears were pure unfounded speculation based on ignorance. We never stated that we didn't like the game and are now pleased to announce that Disaster: Day of Crisis will be spearheading our new marketing initiative: Wii-nter." Many in the assembled journalist mob were now looking down in shame and thinking of ways they could best apologise to Cammie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Wii-nter?" I ask. "Wait so you were intentionally withholding games just for some massive promotion?"
"Y- yeah!"
Cammie caught her breath and continued. "We figured that, while bitching endlessly about us on the net, consumer whores were still buying so much of our product that we didn't need to get everything out the door. Have you seen Mario Kart's figures?"
"Yeah I guess you wouldn't want to slow down that train… so what else can we expect over Wii-nter?"
"Oh you know, Disaster, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii Fit Plus, Mario Party, Another Code, New Play Control Doshin the Giant, Pokémon League… probably a few third party games to pad it out a bit. We were thinking of re-releasing ExciteTruck as Big Damn Trucks and seeing if anyone would notice."
"Fair enough, please continue"
"Continue what? The story or the headjob?"
"Either is cool"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"We're also pleased to publicly demonstrate Wii Fit Plus today, which some of you more cunning journalists found our trademark for." Cammie announced. "YOU!" Reggie screamed at a random customer in McDonalds. "Now we all know that Wii Fit was a massive success for us here at Nintendo but a quick glance reveals none of you journalists ever bothered to play it. So the new Wii Fit Plus is aimed at the core gamer demographic." Cammie explained while Reggie carried a kicking and screaming customer over to the Balance Board and Wii setup Iwata had snuck in when nobody was looking. Placed on the balance board, the random volunteer was confused. "Are you guys with Wii?" he asked before yelling "HEY HONEY THESE GUYS ARE FROM WII!" to his loved ones on the other side of the restaurant. He then asked; "Am I gunna be on TV?" to which Reggie replied with "SHUT UP".

"To appeal to the core demographic we've made a few small changes to the mechanics of Wii Fit. Instead of measuring your weight and giving you a Wii Fit Age, Wii Fit Plus measures you and awards you an achievement score, which may or may not be related to how well you stood still on the board. In the exercise games, you will earn exp points which you can use to level up your Mii. You beat the game when you collect all the arbitrary tokens hidden in the exercises or when your achievement score reaches 1000. Wii Fit Plus comes bundles with a pen and paper so you can write down and show all your friends and family your achievement score because I'm sure they care." Cammie explained while the confused volunteer fell over from not balancing well on two feet.

Miyamoto then waltzed into the McDonalds unannounced. "Hi everybody! Iwata told me not to come to E3 incase I catch swine flu but I was just so excited about my news game. So I came here to show you all. It's an old favourite..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm really sorry guys. Cammie was about up to this part of the story when I blew my load and passed out. Cannot for the life of me remember what game Miyamoto announced. Probably just StarFox or something like that.

I'm pretty excited for Americans getting to experience Wii-nter. it's pretty clear that Nintendo have beaten their immediate competition in the gaming industry and are now setting their sights on religious holidays.

General Chat / Has half the internet collapsed?
« on: May 11, 2009, 11:15:07 PM »
Every second site I try to visit is just not loading al all. And the other sites that are up, like this one, seem to be running at double speed.

At least Facebook can't distract me from study today.

I hate them. You know when you go to sign up to troll a message board and get confronted with one of those so called anti spam random letter generators. And you gotta type the letters you see. I've had some really bad ones, like where the 9 is rotated so much it looks like a 6 or where, due to my colourblindness I CANNOT MAKE ANY OF THE LETTERS OUT but this one I came across the otehr week just reached a whole new level of stupid.

General Chat / In the dreamtime
« on: April 04, 2009, 01:28:00 PM »
:o what's this? A thread not about some lame TV show, movie or comic book in General Caht? **** what are we gunna do? Well too bad, this thread is about dreams. So lately I've been remembering a lot of my dreams. Dunno why, normally I never do. But last nights was so great I just gotta jot down what I can remember of it.

Ok so I was a fucking lion. I dreamt I was a lion. I rolled in a pack of 6. There was one big leader lion, myself and another like, nearly fully grown male lions, a lioness and two cubs. Early parts of the dream are hazy but I definitely recall the leader lion bragging about his mane and telling me and the other guy not to worry and that one day our manes will be luscious like his. He claimed his mane helped defend him from gunfire. I guess they cushioned the bullet's impact or something.

Anyway so we were in the suburbs, well not really Busselton is still it's own town. In dreams nothing is quite right but it felt like Manson st. So we're going down Manson street, turning onto Bower cos we're heading to a BBQ or something we've been invited too. Anyway it was a human BBQ, so we were a bit uneasy because some humans discriminate against Lions. We get to the BBQ, which is held at where the cricket nets at the school are supposed to be. You know, near Jonesy's place. So we're there and there is tension. The other adolescent lion was getting narky with some **** and some other guy was being aggressive so I jsut put a big paw out over his arm and gave him a glare that said 'watch it'.

I dunno what happend next exactly, but the situation escalated. The lioness just looks at me, knowing **** is about to start and says 'Roland, get Serra! Go!" So I scoop the cub Serra up with my paw and place her (or him?) on my back, tell her to hang onto my mane and just bound off as fast as I could across the oval. I quickly slowed down when I realised that Serra might fall off but had to keep up a steady pace as I heard a whole lot of commotion behind me. As I turn alongside Jenson I see the other lions fleeing out of the BBQ, one of them looks like the've got a bloody arm in their mouth so I guess we killed some guy? All the humans were chasing ater us with sticks. They belted for Bower Rd as I ran parallel on my side of the oval. The humans weren't much match for us and we jumped over the road and over the Denholm's back fence into some other house.

But it wasn't a house at all! It was like some sorta, buddhist praying place. We were still concerned about the humans so we hid on the roof overlooking the pool. It was around this time I realised that I didn't have Serra with me anymore, I guess she fell off as we crossed the oval. The other lions seemed unconcerned as survival of the fittest was the way of the jungle and Serra would just have to fend for herself. Anyway then I guess the buddhists stopped meditating in their putha (this was the word my dream decided a Buddhist meditation chamber with a pool was called) They were all children and they all had a calming influence on us lions. They didn't seem to mind that we were hiding out on their roof. Several of the buddhist kids sat with us and said nothing.

Then I woke up.

Anyone else have any ridiculous dreams or have to put up with psychotic housemates' night terrors (another post maybe) what about meanings behind dreams?

You can still check out Boxxy here. And her alt account. I'm not a stalker.

So earlier today i stripped my bedsheets to clean them. While I was in this cleaning mood I began to clean out my bookshelf.

Anyway now it's ngiht time and I need to put that away, so I went to my bookshelf. Which had everything that I'd cleaned off my desk on it.

And I can't put that back on my desk because that is occupied

With my now clean bedsheets.



You have to go all the way to the next page to find WiiFit and it's PS3 cohort in non game casual kiddy crap game, Singstar.

Although it looks like Boreout 3 will take the honors at the end, I can't wait to post this on Gamespot forums. I'm currently banned for having an offensive signature.

So what have been everyone else's favorite games this year and what games have had the biggest effect, good or bad? How do we not have a 2008 retrospective topic yet? Maybe I'll reformat this post at a time that isn't 2am.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / I love how convenient Blu Ray is.
« on: December 12, 2008, 10:13:01 AM »
Now I don't have to switch discs. Instead I can joke with Otacon while he installs the next cutscene.

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