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Title: Non-Nintendo JRPGs Coming to Nintendo Platforms for the First Time on Switch
Post by: NWR_Neal on April 13, 2021, 07:08:21 PM

Sure, there's a bunch of Final Fantasy games, but let's go beyond the obvious.

I remember growing up as a Nintendo 64-owning kid and glancing over at the PlayStation library and being incredibly jealous of the Japanese RPGs that dominated the landscape over there. I was over here playing Quest 64 while Squaresoft was releasing numbered Final Fantasy games every year alongside a dozen neat and weird things and the likes of Konami were putting out Suikodens. The late 1990s were incredible for JRPGs, but Nintendo largely missed out. That trend continued for a while.

Now, on the Nintendo Switch, you can play a lot of those legendary JRPGs on Nintendo systems for the first time. Join me as I lay out a handful of neat previously Nontendo JRPGs that are playable on the Switch.