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Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 848: Teach the Kangaroo Kontroversy
« on: November 14, 2023, 03:16:31 PM »
Would you be able to check Apple Podcast feed?  For some reason episode is not showing up.  Same thing happened a few weeks ago.  Thanks!

My biggest complaint with both Bravely Default II demos remains the removal of turn-round combat.  The new quasi-ATB system found in the “Final Demo” is a mild improvement from the first demo, but it too fails in its attempt to incorporate the Brave/Default mechanics.

Turn-round combat afforded the player the ability to properly strategize, to employ Braving/Defaulting (as well as other buffs/debuffs) effectively and to build effective combinations of skills.  It worked perfectly in the 3DS titles and there was no valid reason for removing it now.

Another glaring flaw is the redundant combat dialogue.  It gets so bad after a few hours that many players are likely to turn off the volume during combat.  A shame because what I have heard of the soundtrack thus far is very good.

Removing random encounters, along with the player’s ability to control their frequency, strikes me as yet another unforced error by the dev team.

BD II was the title I was most looking forward to going into 2020.  The first two games in the series hold a special place for me and I have told countless people that I consider Bravely Default to be the best ‘Final Fantasy’ game since IX.  Sadly, these demos leave me convinced that BD II will fall far short of the mark left by the earlier entries in the series. 

TalkBack / Re: The Thirsty Mage - Demos As Far As the Eye Can See
« on: April 05, 2020, 08:59:58 PM »
Largely agreed with Jordan’s analysis of the Bravely Default II demo. 

Positives were the soundtrack (another top-tier Revo endeavor) and I liked the continuation of pop-up book graphics.   

From my perspective, none of the changes introduced in the demo created a better experience than what we saw in the first two games. While this Switch title may be an entry point for new fans, I agree that it fails to harness any of the console’s features that would create a unique and appealing experience. 

In terms of where I would begin with fixes...a turn indicator for each character and enemy would be my first (and arguably most pressing fix).  Not having this detracts from both the benefits of defaulting and the strategic element of combat.

I would also prefer a return to the random encounters of the first two titles vice seeing characters on the overworld map.  The ability to adjust the encounter rate in the first two games ranked among my favorite aspects.

The in-combat dialogue needs to be toned down or eliminated entirely.  Listening to Elvis repeat “Eat Sorcery” ad nauseam quickly grates on my nerves. 

A buff/debuff indicator showing the number of turns they last might be another helpful quality of life change.

Thanks to the cast for yet another excellent discussion!  (Still hoping for an Octopath episode—agree with Jordan’s take on that game as well.)

TalkBack / Re: Frustrations Of A New Fire Emblem Fan
« on: April 24, 2015, 09:54:52 PM »
I think everyone should take a deep breath, relax and see how things actually play out with the Fire Emblem If release before we start declaring that the franchise is headed the way of Advance Wars.  The distribution method in Japan has done nothing to limit interest in the game.  The Special Edition (which contains both versions of the game along with the DLC, art book, etc and is being marketed for 9250 Yen/$85 USD) sold out almost instantly and copies have been selling for more than twice the retail price on sites like eBay and 

The North American market is certainly different, but let's see how Nintendo elects to release the game here before we rush to judgment. Perhaps they will release a version that has both of the main storylines and buyers only need to purchase the DLC?  We need more facts before we leap to judgments. 

Right now I am far more excited for Fire Emblem If than I am for SMT x Fire Emblem (a game that looks far more like Persona x Hyperdimension Neptunia).  Awakening's success has brought well-deserved recognition to the franchise and I would really like to see If continue the series' new found momentum. 

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