Author Topic: Fire Emblem Awakening: Perfect Pairs & Utter Failures  (Read 4346 times)

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Fire Emblem Awakening: Perfect Pairs & Utter Failures
« on: February 12, 2013, 11:05:24 PM »
As you can tell from this posts title, I have currently been playing the new Fire Emblem game. (it is also my first F.E. game) and have been enjoying it very much :) .

Now on with my topic. I am curious to learn what character pair ups or even individual characters have other F.E.A. gamers had great success with?, and then on the other hand which pair ups or characters no matter how hard you have tried you just can't make work?

I realize all of this is anecdotal, but I think it could still be interesting, and who knows maybe even in some cases beneficial too others.

Here are my entries. (at least for now)

Perfect Pairs:  Kellam & Sully (Kellam is probably a henpecked SOB :'( ), My Character & Panne., Chrom & Vaike. (to date these 3 pair ups have not been bested in battle. But knowing my luck, this will not hold up over time)

Utter Failures: Virion & Sully, Stahl & Miriel (to be honest Miriel and any other character :(

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