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Annapurna Interactive Event Updates And Reveals Four Switch Games


Some new partnerships included in the stream.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/57928/annapurna-interactive-event-updates-and-reveals-four-switch-gamesAnnapurna Interactive announced a group of new titles and platforms today, including new details and announcements of four Switch games.
* Neon White, the action title revealed in February's Nintendo Direct, unveiled a new gameplay trailer and reconfirmed the game's release window as this winter.
* Space exploration title The Outer Wilds was also reconfirmed for Switch release by the end of the year. A new expansion was also announced for its existing platforms on September 28: it is not known if the Switch release will include the "Echoes of the Eye" pack.
* A Memoir Blue was revealed for the first time: developed by New York-based developer Cloisters Interactive, it tells a story of a mother and daughter through memories repressed and cherished. The intro trailer is here: no release window was provided.
* Annapurna will also publish Storyteller, developed by solo dev Daniel Benmergui. A literal story creator, Storyteller will provide characters, settings, and moods to create new stories or twist old ones. Trailer here.
* Among the developers Annapurna announced agreements with were Outerloop Games (Falcon Age) and Jessica Mak (Everyday Shooter, Sound Shapes on PlayStation platforms). Titles and platforms were not revealed.


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