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What will Nintendo release in 2021?

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• New 2D Metroid Game from MercurySteam
• Pikmin 4 Finally Comes Out
• Zelda 3D All-Stars for the Zelda Anniversary
• New Star Fox Game from the Starlink Team at Ubisoft
• N64 Games Added to Switch Online
• Rare Replay Ported to Switch


* Breath of the Wild 2 makes it out in time to celebrate Zelda's 35th.

* All three Smash DLC characters make it out this year. No Pokemon, one last anime boy, another boss villain, with my wild card being Lala and Lolo.

* Metroid happens, but only in trailer form.

* Nintendo continues to do focused, "Direct Minis" without a "big one". (No non-single game specific Directs over 35 minutes.)

* Bayonetta 3 is the Halloween release

* Another follow up for Ring Fit Adventure (a free update or paid DLC)

* Rhythm Heaven (or Wario Ware) finally comes to Switch

* Sinnoh Remakes, mega evolution is still dead.

Last minute adds:

* A Mario Sports game, going further to say it's Golf.

* Nintendo adds another console to Switch Online, gonna say GameBoy

1. Zelda 35 Celebration! A new Zelda game is announced. One of the Wii U titles (Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, not both) will drop in celebration. Collection of the 3DS Zelda's (Ocarina and Majora) comes to Switch a la 3D All-Stars

2. Prime Trilogy is released when the date/release slot of Prime 4 is announced (example: Prime Trilogy is out now/this Fall and expect to continue the adventure in Prime 4 in Spring 2022!)

3. Something Star Wars comes to Switch that is not Lego. Both something from the old LucasArts catalog as well as something newer and/or original for Switch

4. New Pokemon game releases, either Gen 4 remake or Let's Go Marill/Mareep/Togepi/Pichu (Gold/Silver)

5. Waluigi comes to Smash

6. A non-Mario Kart racing game comes to Switch (Diddy/Donkey Kong Racing, F-Zero, Excite Trucks/Bots, or different property)

7. New mainline Fire Emblem is announced but not released this year. Only FE releases will be a re-release like with Shadow Dragon or a remake of an older game.

8. Banjo-Kazooie game is playable on Switch (either as an N64 port or the X-Box ones or through X-Cloud/Gamepass)

9. A new Switch model is released that is both in line with what us "core gamers" hoped for in a 'Pro' model while not quite being what we hoped for at the same time

10. Nintendo annoys us by not fixing the joycon issues until the lawsuits force them AND continues to use these awful "Disney Vault release windows" to create artificial scarcity

My two big predictions are that we're going to get a new Pokemon game that's pretty much all open world style areas (they've been blatantly experimenting with that with the DLCs) and some kind of Switch Pro model.

Also, Zelda will slip into 2022.

Loving these predictions, Doshin for Smash would be crazy. Stratos might win it though, since Nintendo will obviously annoy its fanbase.

Nobody had Nintendo buying Next Level Games on their list though?
There's also some kind of Monster Hunter Rise broadcast happening in a few days.


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