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The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread

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The even crazier thing is that statistically, there has to be a very small amount of people that are out of the loop. Like some people that go out only every 6 months to shop for supplies and then retreat back to their bunkers. It must be weird for them. Or not, in the states where they keep reversing measures they could not even notice because they only get out in intervals where things look normal.

Just got an email from HR today stating the current plan is to not return additional employees to the office prior to 08/31/2022. 🥳 However, “this is subject to change at any time.” 😒

The last I heard from one of the IT VPs is they plan to implement a rolling schedule for returning to the office. While she didn’t clarify everything, it sounded like we’d be split in groups that would alternate days. To me, this still doesn’t make any sense because most meetings would be via Zoom anyway. Going to the office was far more structured which I liked. However, COVID is still around. We’ve already spent nearly two years working from home. It’s fine; it works. I see no benefit to sharing an enclosed space with other people for eight hours. Why even risk it even if vaccinated/boosted folk likely won’t die? It isn’t even more cost effective.

The last two years have been a colossal flustercuck. How many people failed the group project? Personally, I haven’t stopped taking this seriously.

* Last month, I found out cloth masks are ineffective against the newer variants (namely Omicron) because sure, why not? I bought N95 masks.
* Philadelphia lifted its indoor mask mandate last week or so. I still wear it. Not getting even a cold last winter was the bomb dot com so I will always wear a mask when I physically have to go to a place.
* I’m due for another booster in June. I won’t ever not get the booster.
How is everyone doing with the pandemic?

I'm doing well. I'm still masking whenever I'm out and about. At my school, they've lifted the mask mandate, but I still wear mine as do a few students. I only take my mask off around people I'm going to be around for extended periods anyway.

I've also gotten used to not getting colds which I great. I save so much money on Dayquil. I somehow got an upper respiratory infection last year, but that wasn't so bad. I've gotten strep a few times and assumed that was it, but a doctor said differently.

That said, I still haven't tested positive for COVID. I don't test as often as I could, but I think I'll pick it up again once my toe heals up. It's a bit of a walk for me, and I'm supposed to stay off it.

I'm also looking forward to the next booster.

I've gotten covid twice...or once and a test later picked up the remnants of my prior exposure. Thankfully it had to have been Omicron since I didn't lose my sense of taste or deal with too many symptoms. I wore a mask at home to protect my infant daughter (who just celebrated her first birthday!) and she got a cold around that time but didn't seem to be covid. Sucks as a surgery I need was delayed because of the spike and the positive test.

Still WFH and I have my exemption good until the end Spring but I have no intention to return. Boss is okay with it and I've told him I will not even entertain it until my child could be considered for vaccination. Odds are I'll be at another job by the time they consider forcing me back as my boss basically said he wouldn't hold me to any attendance requirement while I felt uncomfortable.

Corporate is being weird about it again and celebrated the "return to office culture" and then cases spiked in our state and everyone was back home aside from a core few who have to work in-office or are weirdos or beholden to be present because of sucky middle management. They want to walk this line of talking up returning while its clear in the all-hands meetings there are plenty of dissenting voices pushing back.


--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on April 02, 2021, 05:51:07 AM ---My mom has hesitations about the vaccine as well mainly in part of the side effects and also she is an old hippy and she doesn't tend to like government involvement with some things.  She isn't opposed to getting it she just wants to see the effects of it after 6 months. She does wear a mask when she goes out but usually not walking from one place to another and really only in places that require it.   This worries me because she is older and I care about her a lot that she isn't taking the vaccine when it is accessable to everyone.  She would rather wait 6 months.  Also she isn't a POC so that isn't her concern as it pertains to herself.

I think after I get my second dose I am going to have her sign up for an appointment and then go with her to it.  Just for moral support.

--- End quote ---

Mega Update on this.

After a year from this post and researching what is the best vaccine(Its Pfizer), She got her two doses two weeks 6 weeks apart from each other and then after dealing with a lot of real life stuff like planning for our move to Mesa she got her booster.  I was there for moral support and to help her get to Walgreens for them. She has spine issues and neuropathy now. The Neuropathy is newish.

That being said I am happy she is taking care of her physical health and she has been going to weekly tai chi classes to keep her self mobile.


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