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Bumpity bump bump.

Going to second Shy Guy's Super Mario Bros. vote. I own that game three different ways and I only got to world 3 on the 3DS. I need to get a good excuse to play through it.

Neat idea.  So would you be using this thread for the discussion?  Or trying to generate new threads for each game?  How'd the forum go about choosing what games?  Or you just gonna choose the game, Pokepal?

I chose Pokémon Black and White myself because I wanted to ensure that we would lead off with a game that could generate some good and interesting discussion but beyond that basically if 3 people express interest in playing through a game than they can open a thread for it and talk about it there along with anyone who wishes to join them.

So if a mod can move this thread to Nintendo discussion and probably sticky it that would be really nice. If a nontendo game gets nominated than that thread will just go to General gaming.

Also is everything on this clear? I want to make sure people understand how to nominate games for this.

I nominate Super Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Star Fox Adventures as I plan to play at least one of them pretty soon but am willing to select something others might be interested in playing also at the same time like as what happened with Metroid: Other M.

I was going to select Metroid Prime 2: Echoes but I just went ahead and played that over the long weekend. Am going to play through and beat it again on Hard Mode to finish unlocking everything again but, since it is short notice, I'm not going to worry about trying to make others suddenly jump on that train.


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