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Originally posted by: KDR_11k
XBox 2 was announced to have three (they might use less, after all they're using PwerMac G5s as devkits and those don't come with three processors). If they want to boast with that them might have a word wirth Sony, who will have 32 or something like that. If you ask me we don't need that, I have one processor that is a lot slower than this IBM thing and it still doesn't slow down any new games. Two processors (which, unlike the other consoles, will likely have more specific tasks) demand multiprocessing, though, which games don't deliver.

Doesn't surprise me that the N5 will have two CPUs, the DS has two and Iwata said the DS is a sample of what they're planning for the N5.

But if they have two processors then in a year or so when the processors start getting outdated then they won't have to slow down the games, they can continue moving forward for longer

Someone asked what the point of having a 30 gig hard drive on your cube would be.  I'll tell you, nothing, but if X-Box has taught me anything it's that hard drives are nice, because although you may not want the 30, you could definately find a place on the internet that would be happy to install a 120 gig on your machine, then you can rent games and save them to the hard drive.  Then you get to keep all those wonderful games, and all the not-so-wonderful ones.  This is very illegal, but very true, i'm sure some people are pulling for the HD just for this reason.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Resident Evil 4 Discussion
« on: April 08, 2004, 01:04:27 PM »
this game looks simply amazing.  the graphics look almost as good (if not better) than the remake of the original, and if the graphics are that good, and yet the camera is not stuck, you know something good is going on there.  i like the idea of driving things in this one, cuz runnin over zombies is my favorite past time.  

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