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Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins

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Unlike Andy's sitcoms, you did not bomb. Mop it up,  the choice is yours.

Mop it up:
The Buffalo Bills

The bomb was coming toward you, but it missed wide right. MASB, now it's up to you.

Hello. My name is Watson. Dr. John H. Watson. The "H" stands for Hamish! Having had experience being Sherlock Holmes's right-hand man on three separate continents, I think I am a good judge of quality #2s. And since I've taken the lead on some imvestigations for Holmes, I think I can also spot those #2s who have the quality of a top banana. And nothing stays top fruit to me like Garfunkel. All I Know is that he's taken me through Bridges Over Troubled Water many a time!

Did the bomb go off? No, all I hear is the sound of silence. Now it's up to Stratos.


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