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More Bad News For Sony

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Yuji Miyamoto:

First massive job cuts and now this.  

*Doing my best Jim Morrison imitation here "This is the end...."

How is this the end?

"dragged down by lower-than expected earnings from its videogame software (Sony Computer Entertainment) and a loss at its movie operations."

The key is lower than expected earnings, the still made money from the video game end, it was the movie side of Sony that lost all the dough.

Keep dreaming, Sony aint going anywhere, at least not yet.

Yuji Miyamoto:
Job cuts and huge financial losses are bad news for everyone in the company, including SCEA.

I predict SCEA will be the next arm of sony to post huge losses.  

And let me just say this; if the rumors are true that the PSP is having serious production and design difficulties, well, the future doesn't look good for sony....

They are still spending over 700 million dollars on game development, give me a break.  They are fine.

Give link to PSP stuff.

Yuji Miyamoto:
Spending money and making money are two entirely seperate things.

Also here's a great quote from Perrin Kaplan:

"When we increase our market share, it's not from Microsoft. It's from Sony." says Kaplan.

Many people "in the know" predict that sony will lose at leat %60 of it's current installed base during the next round of video game wars.  Ouch!

So let's get this straight, first sony posts an enourmous financial loss, then they cut 20,000 jobs, psp is having serious production problems, and every day sony loses more of their market share.  Seriously, it's not looking good for soon to be former, no#1.

As for the psp info, sorry I can't post a link.  What I know, and what many others are starting to find out, can best be considered "insider information."  The kind that get's people sent to jail on wall steet.  I'm just here to spread the info you can't read elsewhere.  

be seeing you.  


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