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"Hey I'm new!" Official Introduce Yourself to the Internet Thread

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Isn't that from the Japan version of Super Mario Kart?

Hello everyone. This is my second time joining a forum aside from Bulbagarden. None of my friends are into gaming so I've decided to join a community that is not as harsh as reddit. I'm a casual Nintendo gamer since GameBoy Era. I mostly play Pokemon and Monster Hunter but I'm giving myself a chance and time to play JRPG. So yeah, that's all I could of think of for my intro for now. - Josh

Hi Josh. Welcome to the forum. Posting can be sporadic here so you may not always see instant replies to things. But feel free to jump on in to any topics that interest you instead of waiting for others to post.

Darc Requiem:
Not really new but I haven't posted since March hello eveeybody.


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