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Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread

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Perhaps the long break helped but I'm just getting really enthused on the prospect of actually hosting more more Mafia games. That said, it depends if we have enough people that miss playing it or want to play more of this game for awhile. Like if we can have a group of 16 - 20 players who are willing to play it regularly, I think I could pull off having a game every month for a year. Of course, if anyone else wanted to host a game during that time span then it would make it even easier for me to see us having a year of Mafia. When I say 16 - 20 players it allows for some players to take a break if they can't make a game because of life responsibilities and situations. But if a couple people sit out a game but a couple that sat out last game can make the next one then we can sort of ensure that we'd always have enough players to make a more lively game and knowing a certain minimum number will be available would also help make things easier when planning on what roles to have and how many.

Now I'm not expecting people signing up for this game need to feel they are being made to commit to playing a bunch more games in the future but I do wonder if there are players who feel they could so or would be able to make it for more games because they know what the schedule of them is in advance. Perhaps if you are a person who feels they'd be able to play in the majority of games then mention it in the Future Mafia Games thread and a list could be made there to see what a possible baseline would be for the expected minimum number of players in a game.

Added a poll.

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