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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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--- Quote from: Evan_B on May 16, 2023, 12:28:25 PM ---But does it feel better because it’s an expansion of BotW’s world, or despite it? I don’t know.

--- End quote ---

I lean towards the former on. I started out expecting the world to be vast, yet familiar. Instead, the game was able to subvert my expectations by having a landscape that is more altered than I expected. BotW's Hyrule was great because it was vast, expansive, and new. TotK's Hyrule is all that while also being familiar.

I just played my first boss and holy smokes! That had to be the most fun boss I've played from any Zelda game. Nothing in the last few games came close to that by far it was that exciting! I'm going to assume I played one of the coolest ones first and will mentally prepare myself for encounters that won't be so exciting.

16ish hours in and I am having such a good time. I did one major play through of BotW. Over 355 hours before I was done. I played ever so often to help my kids with their play throughs but that was years ago so the old landscape feels entirely new to me. The new stuff is like GADZOOKS what am I playing?! and I've only been to 3 parts of the OG map! Maybe 2 in the sky!


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