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Yuji Horii - Dragon Quest interview
« on: May 21, 2005, 04:42:56 PM »

It's mostly about the Level-5 developed Dragon Quest VIII, but since it's an E3 interview, it also deals with America and localizations.


1UP: It's been a long time since Dragon Quest was a really popular series in the U.S. Do you think it can reclaim its former popularity with Dragon Quest VIII?

Yuji Horii, Dragon Quest creator and director: We started a fresh label, it's called Dragon Quest now instead of Dragon Warrior, to make it like rebuilding Dragon Quest. That's what we're doing with this one.

1UP: Why did they decide to change the name? Is it to unify the name between territories and reduce confusion?

YH: Up to now, it was more of a legal issue. We weren't allowed to use the words "Dragon Quest," but we finally solved that rights problem and now we can use it.


1UP: How many of the Dragon Quest off-shoot games have you presided over? Do you involve yourself with those?

YH: Yes, I'm involved. I preside over the Torneko games.

1UP: Which one do you think is the most satisfying? The most recent Torneko game that came out in Japan, that was really cool. I'd like to see them over here, but I'm not holding my breath, either.

YH: Of the projects, I like Torneko, but the Slime Morimori series, I really like that one as well. I'd love to release it here, given the chance.
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