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Name Nintendo's Updated Switch

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The more terrible the name, the more likely Nintendo will pick it.

Nintendo Switch U

Nintendo Switch+ (NS+), Nintendo Switch Pro (NSP), Nintendo Switch 2 (NS2), Super Switch(NSS), or Nintendo Switch G2 (G2) would be names I would choose.

They're going to name it PS5 and leave out pictures on retailer listings to cash in on the hype and as an excuse to raise the price.

Nintendo Switch 2 has been what I've started calling it the past week.

It works for marketing because it can be used like "switch to". Switch 2 handheld. Switch 2 console. Switch 2 tabletop mode. Switch 2 Mario. Switch 2 Zelda. Switch 2 PS5. Switch 2 PC. Switch 2 drugs. Switch 2 alcohol. Everything the kids love!


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