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I lost my job today.
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:45:15 PM »

Well okay not exactly but it was the equivalent of a demotion in away. We had a pretty stressful week at work and I had I guess a pretty terrible shift on Friday running cameras. Long story short the bitch lady who I had to get off day shift to get away from basically sabotaged the show Friday to make me look bad and told the big boss she can't work with me anymore. So he says nothing personal but we can't let you work cameras on mornings anymore. I love the day shift people they were all super nice but with the reporter that I did make good friends with moving away to get a better job in a bigger market and life in general sucking at the moment I have one off day and things go to ****.

The bright side is my sister and her kids are all up visiting from Texas so at least having the next two days off means I get to spend more time with the kids. The down side is I worked basically four fucking hours total this week and that ain't gonna pay no fucking bills.

So if I get a little weird these next few days heads up I am probably going downhill for a bit. I will bounce back cuz at least I still technically have a job I just won't be doing what I have been doing.

Now in all honesty/fairness camera op was NOT my primary job it was something I filled in once in a while, all it really means is I won't be picking up extra shifts running cameras in the AM any more. I can still fill in cameras in the evening and weekend shows but I cut a really sweet deal with my boss that allows me to come in on the weekends and do some archiving of the sports stuff, we have 20 years of Husker videos all on TAPE we need to transfer to the digital so I volunteered for that task and they are pretty much agreeing that once they work out the logistics that will be a thing I get to do. So in a roundabout way its actually a good thing, despite the really awkward conversation with my boss about how he doesn't like to fire people and my job is safe as long as I don't piss anyone else off. **** I am in deeper than I thought...
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Re: I lost my job today.
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**** I am in deeper than I thought...
thats what she said
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