Author Topic: Blizzard Announces Collection Of Classic 16-Bit Era Titles  (Read 296 times)

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Blizzard Announces Collection Of Classic 16-Bit Era Titles
« on: February 19, 2021, 12:33:00 PM »

"The stage is set, the green flag drops..."

Blizzard has announced a return to their days as Sculptured Software at this weekend's BlizzCon.

The Blizzard Arcade Collection is a compilation of three 1993-94 games that all appeared on the Super Nintendo: co-op puzzle platformer The Lost Vikings, futuristic combat racer Rock 'n Roll Racing, and action title Blackthorne. The collection is available now on the eShop for US$19.99, or in a "Blizzard 30th Anniversary Bundle" along with special items for Overwatch and Diablo III for $29.99.

The original 16-bit versions of the games are included along with a Definitive Edition, with both modes featuring a 10-second rewind and a "Watch" mode for The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne that allows players to jump in at any point. Each game offers different bonuses:

  • The Lost Vikings - Three player co-op, extra stages and cutscenes
  • Rock 'n Roll Racing - Environmental effects, four player local races, 384 racetrack variations, additional quips from "Loudmouth Larry" Huffman
  • Blackthorne - An additional level from the 32X version of the game, a "fog of war" map
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