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Name That movie 2

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We're going to play a new version of this game.

In the old version we would substitute an actors other role in another movie and or an approximation of what their character is and use our movie knowledge to solve the movie riddle.

In this version we'll point out how weird a movie is by using critical theory to make the movies sound like the absurdities they are. We'll still do the other thing too.

First Movie
After years a grooming a female senator starts a sexual relationship with a teenager in a priesthood. Another priest follows leads towards uncovering experiments being undertaken by the government.  The teenage priest undertakes a journey to his homeland where he finds that his mother has been kidnapped. He finds her and she dies. He murders a whole village in anger.

Is that The Star Wars? Episode II?

ding ding ding. You are correct. Nickmitch gets one point!

next movie
A contract worker visits the apartment of a client and starts sexually harassing her. He even plays her piano.

That was a month ago, and now I don't remember what the answer was.

It stumped me. I was thinking about all manner of possible contract workers or even something off beat like a contract killer possibly flirting with a girl but couldn't think of anything where playing a piano would be of significance.


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