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Spidey & MJ caught Corona Virus 20 Years Ago!!


Well ain't that something...

summary stolen and reposted:

--- Quote ---

In Spectacular Spider-Man 176-177, published in 1991, city residents are starting to fall ill from a mysterious ailment dubbed "Soho fever". Spider-Man brings people who collapsed from fever on the street to the hospital and eventually MJ falls ill while Peter visits.

Meanwhile, Peter's on assignment with the Daily Bugle interviewing scientist Cedric Forrester in his lab which gets cut short when a certain "Corona" invades the building to steal his research.

Later it is revealed that she is Cedric's sister and they were involved in some ethically dubious experiments leading to both her condition and also contaminating the city's water supply.

Eventually, Spider-Man gets sick himself from direct contact fighting Corona.

The issues have unsurprisingly gained in value among collectors over the past year.

--- End quote ---

any one here have Spectacular Spider-Man Vol1 Issue 176-177?

Hmmm, missed that issue. That's the time period I used to read Spider-man. That art makes me think of Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi... another blast from the past that needs to resurface (unlike "Corona virus").
Not that I drink soda or anything, but I remember like Crystal Pepsi back in the day.


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