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apex booty pop (the spambot thread.)

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Yeah, that’s the one.

Yeah, I've had to remove two after they bumped that thread also. Must be some code to seek out Shrek for some reason. Remember the days when the pandemic first hit and suddenly spambots stopped being created for two months! Spammers hiding indoors afraid of getting Covid with nothing to promote as the world shut down. Then sports leagues had to start up again and it was a domino effect leading to these Shrek-loving Administation-asking spambots. And what do they want with administration anyways? Permission to spam their product? I don't get it.

Maybe if we move Karl's Shrek the Third review to the Recycle Bin then all the Spambots will just automatically follow it there when they show up to post and problem solved.

Good news everyone, Shrek the Third is apparently old news, and the spam bot community may have moved on to a Jonny Metts news story about BMX XXX. I consider this progress.

Do we have a general birthday thread? An alarming amount of forum members are turning 40 soon.


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