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MYSTERY FUNHOUSE THEATER!!! *31 Days* Halloween Movie Marathon! *31 Movies*

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This is where we all get together and watch a movie that some of us may have liked at some point in our lives and collectively criticize, dissect and just make fun of the movie today.

We will be watching & discussing one movie per week.

During that period of 1 week, we will also be making suggestions for the next movie to enter the rotation(see poll at top of thread). Movies play from Wednesday to Wednesday and Voting takes place from Sunday to Sunday, so all movie suggestions made before the start of a vote will be added to the poll. Only 1 movie can win per week, so only vote for the movie you want to watch next. The next 2 highest rated movies will automatically be added to the following weeks poll. Lets try to make sure we can stream the movies so that everyone can join in at any moment. (Netflix and/or Hulu preferred, other suggestion welcome though)

The current movie up for the Mystery Funhouse Theater is
Big Trouble in Little China
Mystery Funhouse Theater will begin on Wednesday @ 6pm (your time)

There are multiple ways that you can join us for Big Trouble in Little China;
You can stream the movie by doing a Google Search: LetMeWatchThis
or pop the movie into your DVD player if you got it

those are the only ways I know of to have the movie can be views at the moment.
(if you know of any other streaming services that are providing the movies, please share)

The next movie in the rotation is TBD
So you all have till Sunday @ Midnite PST to make more suggestions for the Poll since that is when one poll ends and a new one starts.

has already OFFICIALLY begun.

TL;DR version

Watching:  Big Trouble in Little China
When: NOW
Why: To make fun of it, why else.
Who: Everyone is welcome to join
Where: Google Search: LetMeWatchThis
If you can find another place to watch, please share

What Else: Make movie suggestion and don't forget to VOTE for them

Any questions?

Mystery Funhouse Theater Movie Archive
Movie 1: Puppet Master
Movie 2: Starship Troopers
Movie 3: Labyrinth
Movie 4: Ghoulies II
Movie 5: Raptor Island
Movie 6: The Rocketeer
Movie 7: The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (Reel Broke)
Movie 7: Eight Legged Freaks
Movie 8: Troll 2
Movie 9: Return To House On Haunted Hill
Movie 10: Vampire's Kiss
Movie 11: Yoga Inc.
Movie 12: Class of 1999
Movie 13: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Movie 14: Nightmare on Elm Street
Movie 15: John Carpenter's The Thing <HERE>
Movie 16: Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Movie 17: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Movie 18: Hobo With A Shotgun
Movie 19: Jason X
Movie 20: Monsturd
Movie 21: Dead Alive
Movie 22: The Blob
Movie 23: Them!
Movie 24: From Dusk Till Dawn
Movie 25: Insidious
Movie 26: Man's Best Friend

Movie XX: Big Trouble in Little China (On Hold)

I reset the vote count. Don't vote for the "Your Suggestion Here" or "And Here Too" options.

Make a suggestion, I will add it to the poll, and then you can vote on it.

otherwise Labyrinth wins by default, since it's the only suggestion so far.

hehe, first scene iv already come up with some LoLs

King of Twitch:
Fun idea, but are we going to make jokes about it in this thread or just 'discussion'? I have to sit here and hit refresh or are we going to do a chatroom?

Right here in the thread.

It would be nice for everyone to be watching at the same time, but it's not required.

100% spoiled conversation. Comment on what you are watching. post pics of the scene if you want. whatever goes. Just ongoing commentary about one movie at a time.

Don't forget to nominate and vote for the next movie in the line-up.


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