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I'm not making it up, it's in the NEWZ, DEWD.

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I feel like this happened before.... or maybe it was just about this device in general?

Anyway, I'll let the URL explain. LOL

Almost feels like Parler was actually an elaborate honey pot for all these folks with how badly the security got compromised.

Though apparently before it went down a lot of people replied with all their information to an account titled "WH Office of Pardon Attorney" so these guys were going to basically turn themselves in if the data wasn't leaked through other means.

True "Patriots" reporting for prison Duty

and yes, I heard there were more than a hundred replies to that Pardoning Honey Pot.
not sure how many of them gave up all the requested info, but I'm sure more than a few did. LOL

Idiocracy in action.

Florida Man Strikes Again!!!!

--- Quote ---s Michael Williams drove past a gathering in the yard of an Opa-locka, Fla., home on Sunday night, police said, his 10-year-old son fired a barrage of paintballs into the crowd from inside his father’s van.

It was the 10-year-old’s idea, police later said: He’d asked his dad if he would take him on a “drive by shooting” with his paintball gun, and Williams, 26, allegedly said yes.

But as the paintballs peppered the crowd, at least one of the victims thought the gunshots were real. So the man pulled out his own gun and fired a single bullet at the van — wounding the young boy and sending him to the hospital.
The boy’s father told WSVN that his son had been engaged in a paintball battle with several other children before the Sunday evening shooting. A witness in the neighborhood also told the station that Williams and his son had been wearing “ski masks and hoodies” during the attack, which Williams denied.

When the boy began firing paintballs, police said a resident named Gregory Barns believed “he and his family were under attack,” the Herald reported. Barns quickly fired one shot at Williams’s van.

After being struck with the bullet, police said, the 10-year-old fell out of the van and was run over as the vehicle continued to move. Williams then scooped the boy back into the van and drove home, where the boy’s mother called 911, according to a police report.
--- End quote ---

summary: 10yr old boy ask his dad (26) to take him on a paintball drive-by shooting in his van. Shot up a random crowd w/ paintballs. Guy in crowd fires single shot from real gun back wounding the kid. Kid falls from the van, dad runs him over.... dad scoops son back in to van, drives home, and then calls 911

I feel like that dad should be facing criminal charges, and lose parental rights.
not for just taking his son out on this request... but also not immediately driving him to the hospital.

but honestly, I should feel bad for laughing this hard.

p.s. the kid is gonna survive. Dad is charged w/ neglect (should be worse)

Why the **** would you think that is a good idea?  I mean, as an adult, the 10-year-old is allowed to be dumb.  Especially in Florida, a concealed carry and stand your ground state, of all places and during a surge in crime.


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