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TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« Last post by Shecky on Today at 10:37:35 AM »
since Dread is meant to end the Samus/Metroid arc

I'm pretty sure there have been (thinks...) 3 (?) games to make this same claim already  ;)

Nintendo may feel stuck with how to name the games, it's pretty much become:

Metroid = 2D or this 2.5D stuff

Metroid Prime = 3D
The Jazz's season is over. Even if we did somehow get past the Clippers with as terribly as this team has played, we'd get swept by the Suns with the way THEY are playing.
Sources: LA Clippers' Kawhi Leonard could miss rest of series with knee injury (Expected to miss Game 5)

Phoenix Suns' Chris Paul out indefinitely, placed in NBA health and safety protocols

Time to blow up the team and rebuild around Donovan and a few key pieces. The bare minimum this year was getting to the Finals, and they're falling apart in the Semis.
I was going to tell you to settle down the other night (frustrating loss, I get it). If the Jazz can't get past the Clippers without Leonard and the Suns without Paul, banned from the league until they get their act together.

Semi-related: I know I'm on an island on this, and it doesn't bother others as much as it bothers me. If the Jazz advance, I really don't want to hear any if-Kawhi-Leonard-didn't-injure-his-knee-the-Clippers-would-have-won nonsense. Mike Conley will probably miss the entire series. Donovan Mitchell came back from injury in the first round then re-aggravated it in Game 3 of this round. Every team deals with injuries. Suck it up.
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Metroid Dread
« Last post by Khushrenada on Today at 10:11:30 AM »
I don't know..... have you read this thread? It ended in a weird place, man.

TalkBack / Re: Sequel To Breath Of The Wild Coming In 2022
« Last post by mustbeburt on Today at 09:45:40 AM »
To me the trailer look like an AND, not an INSTEAD OF. What I mean is it looked like the map of the original game AND floating islands in the sky to explore. There's a part of me that also thinks/(hopes?) we may be able to explore underground (based on some of the cinematics). I'm just excited about this. 100%. Not worried.
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Metroid Dread
« Last post by nickmitch on Today at 09:24:41 AM »
Good thing we already have a thread for this game, which was announced in 2021.
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo E3 Direct announcements
« Last post by Mr. Bungle on Today at 08:44:47 AM »
1. Mario Party Superstars - I have played through everything in Super Mario Party enough so I am ready for a new game. Since i have not played the source material this will be all new to me.
2. Metroid Dread - I am most excited for this. Do we know who the developer is?
3. Mario Golf: Super Rush - It was good to hear they will be adding new courses and characters post launch.
4. WarioWare: Get It Together! - I hope this uses all the features of the joy-con but it did not appear that way from the trailer.
5. Shin Megami Tensei V. - I am more interested in this than before, but will wait for reviews.
6. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - Great game that I am glad others will play.
7. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. - I enjoyed the first but will wait for a price drop on this one
8. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp. - I have not played these but enjoy Fire Emblem. Will probably wait on reviews.
9. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda. - Day 1, hopefully it is easy to get like the Mario one.
10. SKY: Children of the Light  - Is this supposed to be free to start like the iOS version?
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Metroid Dread
« Last post by ThePerm on Today at 02:11:38 AM »
TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« Last post by Luigi Dude on Today at 01:11:12 AM »
I don't know the development history of Mirror of Fate, but the idea of tilting the focus of a 2D 'troidvan toward slower-paced combat was fundamentally unsound, and that ethos appeared to carry over to Samus Returns. Really hoping it's toned down for Dread.

My issue with the melee junk in Metroid is similar to my disdain for it in the Resident Evil series. These are infected monsters, you shouldn't be touching them! In Metroid's case, Samus's arm is a gun! It's all about shooting these creatures from a distance, no reason to migrate it toward the many close-quarters 'troid-likes out there.

As Adrock said, the counter in Samus Returns is only required at the beginning.  Once you get the Ice Beam which is pretty early, the game pretty much becomes like the other Metriod's.  After that point the Counter becomes an optional way to beat Metriod fights quicker, but it's never a requirement in any of the fights.  It's really the first 20% of the game that's somewhat slower paced but the remaining 80% is just as fast paced as the other 2D Metriods. 

Not saying you're going to love the game but your experience with Mirror of Fate isn't really a fair comparison to what they've done with Metriod.  Samus Returns was much closer in feel to the older 2D Metriod's then Mirror of Fate was to the IGA-vania games.

Of course we've already been shown that you can counter while running in Metroid Dread, so the developers have fixed the issue people had with it slowing down gameplay.  Samus also has the ability to slide while running as well, which is looking to make this the fastest Metriod gameplay wise.  So Dread is already looking to be the opposite of what you hated about Mirror of Fate.
I was just wondering if Mjolnir would make a return. Wondering how that will work out. Is it reforged? Is it the one pulled out of time (and presumably returned) in Endgame?
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo E3 Direct announcements
« Last post by Stratos on Today at 12:37:16 AM »
Surprisingly I was most excited for Advance Wars and Monkey Ball. I must really like my remakes.

Dread looks really nice. Looks great to have the king of a genre back in full force.

I was also rather interested in Mario Golf after seeing that preview. That and Mario Party will be on my shortlist of games to pick up later in the year for parties once we start having those again.
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