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Friday for me. Always a good night for gaming.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / Re: What is a MAN?
« on: March 21, 2009, 06:18:10 AM »
A song by the Four Tops. Good song too if you like oldies.

That sucks, Mop. Hope things get better pc-wise for you.

As for my capture device, it's the Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device. It's also a USB plug in.

Nah, I never tried editing. Good idea though, would give me a reason to toy around with Window's Movie Maker.

I'm still uploading but it's taking a while due to the little file space I have left(upload 4 races, put 'em online, delete originals, repeat) & my capturing device visually sucks when you record something in a format other than avi. I plan on getting an external hard drive later this week to make some room though.

I'm off work Thursday - Saturday so I'll probably catch you on one of those nights.

Sure thing, Mop. Just let me know the next time you're up for some racing.

I was only aiming for you once. One time I was trying to pick off the other guy & you drove right into my green shell. Haha.

Ok, I'm Karted out for now. Good gaming everyone.

Regional? I'm in!

Just found another VHS to dust off.

We had to try to see how much it'd fail. :)

Hmm VHS ran out in the last moments of Ghost Vally. Guess I shouldn't have recorded on SP after all...Opps.

Taking a  break. I'll catch the next match up

Yep still here. Just did a quick(& painful) regional.

Cool, I'm still here.

Let me know when the next room opens up. Gonna check between time trial runs.

Cool, same here. Though I forgot to hit record on that last one. ^_^;

Just waiting. Hoping to get a good number of us on at once.

Hope you recorded your win. Birdo hauled ass.

Did Mop & Pap leave?

I just got lucky tis all. Heh.

Looks like Pap went regional. Wanna wait for everyone?

Just added you though, Pap. Just in case.

Gonna take a 30min break. Hopefully more players will be on by then.

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