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10 Games I'm Paying Attention To At Wii U Launch
« on: November 17, 2012, 05:25:56 PM »

I might not get all these right away, but damn it, I kind of want to!

As I type this, I'm within 24 hours of getting my Wii U. I believe I have gone past mere excitement and hit total and complete fever pitch. I'm treating this like Christmas, but not like, Christmas when I'm a teenager. No, this is like "5-year-old Neal about to pee his pants at the prospect of a Game Boy with Super Mario Land 2 at Christmas" excitement.

So, it seemed apt to make a list of games I'm eyeing, along with the reason why I'm eyeing them.

  1. Nintendo Land
    I'm stupid excited to get together with friends and play the competitive/cooperative games. The amount of fun I had with this at events is absurd. Aside from that, I'm curious to see how the theme park overworld works, too.

  2. New Super Mario Bros. U
    So, it's like Super Mario World? And it has a Challenge mode? Wait, what? I can play it in bed! Well, alright, I'm in.

  3. Madden NFL 13
    I can also play Madden in bed? I'm in. I also weighed my options versus the Madden NFL 13 I have on 360. To me, it's more important to have off-TV play and the cool pre-snap stuff on the GamePad. 360/PS3 can keep their physics engine and card game.

  4. Scribblenauts Unlimited
    I was enraptured by Scribblenauts at E3 2009. When the game came out, I was a little underwhelmed. Finally, after a few other entires, 5th Cell seems to be going back to why I was excited for the series. The idea that it is on a home console makes it a more communal experience, and the open world-esque nature of the game is very appealing.

  5. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    Five-player local play will probably happen like once, but I'm floored by how cool that could be. Also, I can play it in my bed.

  6. ZombiU
    I keep hearing how much it's like Dark Souls, and that doesn't 100% appeal to me, but the brutal nature of the single-player and the fun I've had with the multiplayer seems to make this a worthwhile purchase even if I might not totally get into it.

  7. Skylanders Giants
    I can play Skylanders in my bed? I am so down with that. Though I'll have to check if the included portal is wireless or not. That might be a weird downfall for Skylanders on Wii U. If Off-TV Play is still closely tethered to the system, it might lose part of the appeal.

  8. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    Every now and then, a fighting game appeals to me. It happened with the 3DS launch with Super Street Fighter IV, and I think it will happen again with Tekken Tag 2. I haven't enjoyed a Tekken game since Tekken 3, but the goofy Nintendo flavor seems like it will make this game the best version of an already pretty solid game.

  9. Chasing Aurora
    To be totally honest, I don't know much about this game. It's got birds. It's developed by the guys who made And Yet It Moves. It's got unique single-player/multiplayer using the GamePad. I'll try it.

  10. Trine 2
    I avoided playing this when I heard it was coming to Wii U, because it's nice to see a beautiful 2D side-scroller in the vein of Lost Vikings come to a Nintendo platform. Also, I can play it in bed.
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Re: 10 Games I'm Paying Attention To At Wii U Launch
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 07:30:29 PM »
Looks good but I cant say I'm personally attracted to these games. Of course I am not buying a Wii U at this point. I have made horrible mistakes by buying new systems at Launch before and I wont make the same again. Wii U I will see you in about a year or two

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Re: 10 Games I'm Paying Attention To At Wii U Launch
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2012, 08:24:35 PM »
Neal, nice Lost Viking reference.  Those don't come around too often.  I looooooved Lost Vikings (and still do).  Great list!  Your top 4 are my top 4.