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Mandoverse: Disney's Other 'Cinematic Universe'

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Figure it will be worth starting a thread for the new Star Wars "Mandalorian Cinematic Universe" shows like we have for Marvel.

Anyone else been enjoying Mando and excited for the new series of shows? I'm pumped to see the build up towards Thrawn and on the hype train for seeing Heir to the Empire come out of it.

Also hoping to see the rise and rebirth of the Mandalorians seeing them become a power in the galaxy once again. This was covered much later in the old EU novels but having them rise up sooner could make for some great conflicts between them and the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, as well as an introduction to the Chiss Ascendancy.

Also hoping to see Rogue Squadron be a telling of the taking of Coruscant, since that occurred during the Rogue Squadron books.

What hopes and theories do you all have for the new Star Wars shows?

You won't see Heir to the Empire Thrawn in the Disney Star Wars television universe. Disney's version of Thrawn already spent 2 years getting consistently beaten by Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels. He's still a good villain on that show, but the childish nature of that show means that he's not on par with his original book counterpart.

Seriously, if you want to see where Mandalorian's going, go watch The Clone Wars & Rebels. They cover ALL this Mandalorian stuff going on in the current show, and they are Disney Canon.

Shorty McNostril:
There's a way they could do it though. His flogging by Ezra (the least interesting Jedi character I've ever seen in video in my opinion) by the space whales causes him to become far more ruthless in his future endeavours.

The thing is...just because he was introduced in a Children's show it doesn't mean they are going to keep him in that format of villian weakness.  And actually he was appropriately cool and evil in a new and different Star Wars way.  I think they can and will make him a good villain.

That said, this isn't really a new universe, but maybe, just maybe they will give the Manadaloran team enough freedom to do something really cool...maybe in re-write this universe or at least the ending of Star Wars Saga.  That would be nice. 

Thrawn never properly failed in his role and was always a step ahead of the Rebels; it was always his underlings who botched or ignored his orders and cost the win, other than the space whale ending which I disliked.

And sure, Mando S3 will most likely be the retaking of Mandalore, but that is one show out of at least three that will lead to something bigger with Thrawn at the center of it.


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