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Can this site get a DARK MODE?

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Nope, here's what I see:

And here's how I look up videos people post. Quote them, copy+paste link, cancel new post.

(That's quite a jam btw)

What about this one?


if you don't post the link, or enable https we don't see the embedded video

He just punched the enter key a few times haha ;)


--- Quote from: Steefosaurus on December 28, 2018, 04:05:55 PM ---While we're at it, can I place a request to fix Youtube embeds here? Right now they just don't show up (in Chrome) at all. You gotta quote the post and fetch the link from there if you wanna see whatever was posted. Maybe an issue because the embedding only works with http, not https?

--- End quote ---

Are you talking about Chrome on your phone? Because I use Chrome and the link / video shows up fine on my computer.


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