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Bayonetta 3 - Switch Exclusive (Internet Salt sold here)

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Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: Adrock on September 23, 2021, 07:27:31 PM ---Recasting Bayonetta is some darkest timeline ****. Helena Taylor is Bayonetta, you cowards.

--- End quote ---

I do wonder if maybe the game is dealing with alternate timelines itself?  The first teaser in 2017 made it look like the normal Bayonetta was killed now we get this Bayonetta who without spoiling the first game too much, looks like she might have grown up differently which is why her voice and personality could be different.

So maybe Helena Taylor could still be voicing Bayonetta but she needs to be saved by an alternate timeline one first?  I mean that wouldn't be that far out there considering what the story for the first 2 games did.


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