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Happy 20th Birthday Eternal Darkness

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I missed it by a few days. But Eternal Darkness was released June 24, 2002.

I just thought about it recently looking through ai generations of Cthulhu medical illustrations. Which reminded me of Edward and Maximilian Roivas.

I have heard great things about this game but never had the chance to play it. Is it only available to play on Gamecube?

I remember picking this up from the mall and saying I am getting it because of the history over 2000 years.

It was a good reason and it is a fun game to replay over and over.

I think I went with Blue first and then Red then green.  Blue(easy; hard to get magic replenished) Green(Medium, lots of sanity effects and then those sanity effects taking HP) Red(Hard, Tougher enemies and more enemies and thus quicker sanity train and damage taken) 

Once you get the 4th symbol the game gets a bit more fun and you can just enjoy the game.

Yes Bungle it is only on the gamecube.  If you have a Wii you can play the gamecube disk on there but solely Gamecube.

I wish I still had this pop up

I should probably play this game sometime.


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