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NWR staff posted their top ten Switch games:

* Breath of the Wild
* Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
* Super Mario Odyssey
* Metroid Dread
* Super Mario 3D World
* Celeste
* Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
* Hades
* Steamworld Dig 2
* Fire Emblem: Three Houses
What is your personal Top Ten Switch list?

Are we talking games specifically released for the Switch or any games, like ports of a 15 year old game from another system?

Luigi Dude:
Yeah if we can post any games, half my list would be the varies Mega Man Collections released for Switch.  The first Castlevania Collection has also gotten massive use as well.  Something like Breath of the Wild I bought for the Wii U so that'd be on my top 10 Wii U list right now, same with games like DK Tropical Freeze.  I plan on getting Mario 3D World for Bowsers Fury someday, but until then it's in my Wii U Top 10 as well.

Mop it up:
My rule of thumb for these lists is typically that I'll go with anything I played for the first time on the system, regardless of where and when else it might have released. Otherwise a lot of my system top tens would be riddled with many of the same games such as DooM and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

There's still a lot left to play and my mood can change from day to day, so my lists are never anything close to concrete. Asked today, this is probably what I'd say for a top ten:

10. Risk of Rain 2
9. Spyro Reignited Trilogy
8. Dragon Quest Builders 2
7. Sega Genesis Classics
6. Splatoon 2
5. Pokémon Legends Arceus
4. Luigi's Mansion 3
3. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
2. Super Mario Maker 2
1. Super Mario Odyssey

I have been irked, my friends! (Say it ain’t so!) Yes, irked for a couple reasons having to do with this thread. I’ve been irked because I’ve wanted to post in it and contribute to it when it first appeared and it has now been a couple weeks and I still have yet to do so. Every time I then see this thread, I get irked! *a woman cries out and faints at hearing this desperate situation*

But “Ah!”, you might say. “Ah, I know an easy solution. Just quickly list your top ten games and your problem is solved.” Sounds easy except it leads to another problem: How to rank the games. I’ve looked over the list of Switch games I’ve played and tried to narrow it down to ten yet it’s been hard to get a ten I’m happy with and then I kept arguing within myself about the ranking I give them or if I should include the game and I just can’t seem to get started or make up my mind. It’s been so… irksome! (That’s terrible! That Switch is the devil! We should run that topic out of town!)

Whoa, my friends! Whoa! Hear me now. I’ve felt the same as you about this. I’ve thought about banning that Mr. Bungle, who’s clearly been sent by the Devil, for making this topic. I’ve thought about deleting all traces of Switch from the forums to completely purge the idea. Yet, to do so feels as though I’m letting myself be defeated. As though I was unable to rise to the challenge bestowed upon thee and instead turned yellow and ran. And that’s not me, by gum! You don’t go around posting loads of crap on a forum when it is easy. You also have to do it when it’s hard.

When desperate times call for desperate measures then you fight through that writer’s block and get something posted even if it means writing as though you imagine yourself talking to a gathering of citizens in a small town with you as some kind of preacher, politician or huckster. Yes sir, you dig down deep in your soul and find something that gives you inspiration to start typing and then you use it no matter how pointless and irrelevant it all may be because perseverance pays off! And that’s what the NWR Forums are all about! Not the perseverance part but the pointless and irrelevant part! Ya-hoo!!! *Everyone now bursts out into square dancing*


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