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I forgot when the game started! everything else is locked! Hello everyone!

Not playing for 2 days is a pretty good move. I was super quiet as Mafia Godfather in Mike Tysons Punchout Mafia. I had a great team FTW that time too.

I'm not sure how many times I've been the killer. I rarely play these. One thing that is a turnoff is getting eliminated on day 1 which happens a lot for me. But that's pretty much my fault when it does. Be too quiet get eliminated, be too visible get eliminated. You got to hit that middle ground.

I had Internet troubles until Friday, so that's why I wasn't as active until Day 2. I remember one mafia where I had Internet troubles and wasn't able to even read a post until Day 3 and I got pretty far into the game. :P Don't think I won that one, but close.

I wonder if anyone will argue that I was killed because I was on to something?

There are still 12 players left. Some are mafia and one is the killer.

Clearly Nickmitch was not the killer. When I said you could be in the above post I said I had nothing to back that up. Feelings are pretty worthless.

My feeling was based on that Nickmitch was playing the most like I was the first day, and I was one of the killers.


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