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Lindemann Syndrome Anonymous (LSA): The Backlog Thread.

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Doesn't seem to want to bring up mine.  I'll have to try at home when I'm with Steam to make sure I have the right stuff.


--- Quote from: MukiDA on June 19, 2013, 07:05:34 AM ---Did you really have to start this up less than three weeks from the next Steam sale?

Steam calculator's got me at $2,500.

Games owned: 200
Games not played: 143

Do I win? I think I won.

--- End quote ---

I... I don't like that website!

Had me at $3700+, 200 games owned, 128 not played.


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on June 18, 2013, 01:22:13 PM ---when i purchased animal crossing i also picked up a few other things such as cave story and  the oracle games.
i have barely touched any of them
additionally i still have some ambassador games left to complete....

the 3DS is turning into my downloadable backlog and that frightens me.

its nowhere near substantial enough to cause me to create a backloggery but still...

--- End quote ---

I know. I never bothered with the Wii Virtual Console much since I basically owned the original physical copies of most of the stuff I'd want to play. There were a couple games I didn't have but most of the stuff I'd want to play was accounted for.

However, with the 3DS Virtual Console, there are a bunch of GB and GBC games I never played and have been buying. I tried to hold back from purchasing too many since I also had a bunch of ambassador games to get through and 3DS games as well. But when the Zelda GBC games were released, I figured I'd finally buy a bunch more VC games at the same time and get it done at once. So, I've still got 4 GBA ambassador games to get through, 4 3DS I've yet to start and I want to pick up Animal Crossing once I find it, and now 8 VC games not to mention Zelda Four Swords and a ton of DS games I've got backlogged. Plus, there are still other VC and E-Shop games I'd like to get and some 3DS titles soon to be released.

The 3DS games monsoon is upon us! There is no more drought.

At least for me.

i guess i have to do this manually...  ugh

mario land 2

absolutely want to beat:
oracle games
links awakening(would probably be beaten but i accidentally messed up a restore point and sent myself back a few dungeons)
cave story
dk 94

would like to beat
minish cap(just want to 100% it)
yoshi's island(the difficulty has somewhat spiked, perhaps the 3DS game will help prepare me for whats left)
kirby and the amazing mirror(100%)
super mario bros
zelda 1
zelda 2(kinda maybe)
starship defense
alphabounce(will likely always be there for me to mess with)
wario land 4(would like to give a second shot)
warioware(see above)
metroid fusion(if 3DS ever gets save states i may give it another shot but i kinda had a bad experience at a certain spider boss)

given up on/lost interest
fire emblem: sacred stones(screw permadeath)
four swords(screw the heros trial thing)
3d classics kid icarus(you could have given us the option to be able to scroll down)
any ambassador NES game not mentioned above.
plants vs zombies(dsiware edition)
ice climber(will be nice for download play)
f-zero gba
mario kart super circuit

Cosmo Fighters

i'm also chugging along in a replay of pokemon heart gold

I own 21 digital retail 3DS games and 48 eShop games, as well as a dozen Wii U retail games, 8-10 eShop games and probably a dozen VC games across both platforms, and I've beaten virtually none of them. I'm starting to chip away at them, but it's going to take a while.


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