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Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!

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One thing you can do is cheap out on is the monitor. To be frank, that monitor is way over priced for the features your getting and it will look like ass.

For slightly more or less depending on how you shop around, try this monitor.

it's the same one as mine, but what you really want to do is look in to the range. Contrast ratio going to be the biggest factor second to resolution.

That PSU is a little overkill, but not knowing your video card gives you a fair bit of wiggle room.

You are right about not being able to justify that six core cpu. Unless she is doing Video Let's plays, that's alot of wasted power. In a sense she will be future ready, but with double digit cores in the very near future, why bother trying to read the tea leaves.

Simple fact is that if she wants better, she is going to have to spend more and with only the onboard video, that system is going to be lopsided as hell. Forget games on it.

You can also cut back on the RAM to 4GB and get another 4 at a later date if it is found she really needs it. Harddisk wise, get a Samsung SpinPoint of some sort which comes in a little cheaper, quieter with no drop in performance.

The thing about the RAM is that 4GB of DD3 cost the same everywhere I've looked (which was only 3 places) as the 8GB of OCZ I found somewhere else.

4GB of OCZ on Tiger Direct & Amazon cost the same amount as the 8GB and they were from the same manufacturer.

about the video card, I was gonna upgrade that for her later (it's sorta my computer since I'll use it more, but she's paying for it) to maybe a cheap multi-monitor Nvidia card for now and then get a beefier one in the fall when I have more extra money.

--- Quote from: vudu on May 24, 2010, 02:57:42 PM ---Have you checked out Tech Report's Spring 2010 System Guide?

--- End quote ---

checking now. thanx

Ok. If I take out the CPU/Mb combo I had (-$289)
and use the the ones suggested in that article that vudu linked me to instead

Gigabyte  Socket ATX Motherboard GA-770TA-UD3 - $101
AMD  Athlon II X4 630 95W AM3 2MB 2800MHz Retail - $97

--- Quote from: BlackNMild2k1 on May 24, 2010, 01:03:04 AM ---WD 1TB HDD - $95
Ultra 500W PSU - $40
Cooler Master Mid Tower Case - $38
View Sonic 23" Monitor - $189
Logitech Wireless Kb/M - $35
OCZ DDR3 PC3 10666 1333 Mhz RAM (8GB) - $138
Samsung 22x (DL?)DVD Burner - $20
--- End quote ---

Actually puts me under budget @ $753

I'm looking at that monitor, and it's really expensive on Amazon, really cheap on Overstock (Refurbished) and $10 more on a site called
I don't know who they are and I'm not so sure on refurbished products, bit the monitor sounds really good on paper and I would love to switch it out.

What can you tell me about the allaboutcomputer site and/or refubished products in general? Especially from

Ok, I need a Dual monitor Video card, preferrably with as much fast ram as possible

I was thinking a

Radeon HD 5670 Video Card - 1024MB DDR5
GeForce GT 240 1GB DDR5

both for about $110 each.
Which is the better video card specifically for gaming and dual monitor support?

I've also decided to get the LG monitor and save an extra $20
Which brings my total down to under $850 shipped

I suppose I could get less DDR3 ram and save some extra money, but I'm not for sure making this purchase till next week or the week after, so maybe somethings go on sale in the meantime.

BranDonk Kong:
You should avoid as much as you can. Newegg is much  better. Also, while I've always been a supporter of AMD, Intel just keeps kicking their ass lately. Also the Caviar Blue version of the 1TB WD drive is $69.99 (free shipping) on Newegg if you're quick enough, deal ends at midnight (Pacific, I assume). You're best off using 2 HDDs, one smaller one for your OS, and a huge one for everything non-system related. Both of those video cards are kind of low-end, though DDR5 is nice. I'm telling you man, just go to Newegg. You could easily build a beast of a system for (much) under $800 shipped.


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