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TalkBack / Re: The Wii SD Card Menu: A Walkthrough
« on: April 06, 2009, 07:53:41 PM »
(cough) Well I guess my 1st hypothesis was correct and that it turned out to be basically an SD card channel, though I was wrong about the ability for a firm ware update for the Wiider, which I am glad to be wrong here as I was just drooling over the 32GB SD cards at future shop and then cursing how very few mobile systems actually utilize SD cards (mini SD can suck it as far as I am concerned).
 The save data limit I dont think is a big problem as most WIIware games dont take up a heck of alot of memory, not to mention that programmers might be able to get around some of these obstacles with the help of shadow ram so that the save data on the WII is only an access point for the larger custom data sets (I am thinking for games like civilizations or say an expansion pack for FF:my life as a king to have an actual explorable , modifiable world outside your own kingdom).

TalkBack / Re: Survey Teases Netflix Instant Streaming Disc for Wii
« on: March 21, 2009, 02:45:24 AM »
Well I am excited about having this feature, as I have no way of connecting my comp to my plasma TV and I probably wont be able to afford a new comp anytime soon so I will definitely be using this feuture, (though I am kinda dissapointed it isnt an online upgrade in the WIIware), not to mention the selection of VOD movies provided by my cable provider, well sucks and their is no video store near me on top of this (other then a DVD rental kiosk that doesnt have much better selection then my cables VOD).

TalkBack / Re: Iwata Q&A
« on: February 11, 2009, 05:19:51 AM »
It's not speculation, the homebrewers DID make the system take SDHC.

Its not a question of whether it can be done, it is a question of how it is done.

Was it done by physically opening up a WII system and reactivating the component through the hardware?

Or was it done by a software modification alone?
Lets take a somewhat relevant example, their was a report awhile back on NWR about an Nintendo official saying that every WII has built in DVD playing capabilities but was disabled on each system before shipping to stores.

Could it be true that the WIIder is SDHC but has been disabled?
Certainly but the problem here is that the specific Nintendo spokesperson also pointed out the WII's video playback cannot be reactivated through an update alone.
This is almost certainly true about the SDHC capabilities as well.

It all comes dow to the fact that it is not technically feasible for Nintendo to get all 40 some million WII's now sold back to the factory floor to be re modified.
Again if it is a purely software modification, then they can certainly make this available through their automatic update system.

Another indication that it is probably not a software mod; is that they would have done it already considering the amount of money potentially lost by slowing online sales versus the near inexpensive cost of having a program distributed through an automatic update.

I mean even if it is only one in 20 WII owners wanting such an upgrade, thats still 2 million customers purchasing more then one game a month online, or around 1000 wii points, 10$ or at least 20 million dollars a month that would take a knowledgeable WII system programmer paid say even 10,000$ dollars a month (most likely)less then a month to write and effectively distribute to all 2 million customers before said month has even ended! 

Seriously if this was the case, then after the WII gift upgrade this SDHC upgrade really should have been next on the list for upgrades helping maximize games sales.

Never the less I have seen very little info about about how homebrewers are making their WIIders SDHC compatible through a programming mod alone and stick with the more likely reality is that it takes a hardware activation to make this possible and thus is not the solution that Iwata is talking about.

TalkBack / Re: Iwata Q&A
« on: February 10, 2009, 05:36:01 AM »
Whether or not this means allowing booting games from the SD cards, enabling SDHC compatibility, or simply a fast way of swapping games from the Wii menu to the cards and back, remains to be seen


Gimme my SDHC, Nintendo. Homebrewers already have it. Just flip the switch and be done with it.


Heh I swear I only post when this topic comes up, but I am pretty sure that you cannot make a SD card reader(WIIder from now on) become SDHC by a software upgrade alone(this is assuming that the WIIder wasnt built with SDHC specification, the only scenario to contradict the following is that the WIIder could have been built to SDHC standards and then had it disabled through software, which I highly doubt N paying for the extra functionality only not to have a downloadable console upgrade by now considering how successful Wiiware and Virtual console have been), it would have to be a micro 32x style mount to the WIIder in order to expand the memory accessible per card or like some one else has stated, a usb plug in option into a hard drive or memory card reader (though considering how many tech companies need a bone thrown at them right now, why not both in one eh?). With Iwata reiterating that it will be an SD card solution, I am becoming more positive that it will be a channel type solution in which you can play games directly from the WIIder instead of having to copy them to your WII's built in card.

Frankly this is good enough for me! (put some postage stamps on them so you can tell your Sd cards apart if it becomes a problem yo).

Nintendo Gaming / Your VC wish list?
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:22:04 AM »
Well I forget when it happened, but the DVD reader on my WII died like 3 months ago and me and my brother have been transformed into hardcore users of the WIIWARE and virtual console, it has re awakened hankering for games on a system I thought I never would, the Sega CD.
More specifically after a cursory search on wikipedia I have found out that their has been pretty much nothing translated to the virtual console from the sega CD, heck the Turbographix16 CD has received way more support.
At any rate I now realise one of the reasons I hated that system so much wasnt really the games itself, but rather the media it was loaded on itself; I was on the verge of rapping popful mail when it started to skip on the end video and discovered a scratch on the CD(and vowed never to buy another CD based system after that, well hello their ultra 64....).
So without further adue.......


Also their were some links to to other CD based RPGs for the sega CD that I never got to play but look pretty sweet that you think would be prime for translation to VC, heck if they can translate Y1 & 11
why not popful mail!

At any rate any games anyone can think of that are dying to be brought to the VC?


NWR Feedback / Re: Wii Ware and site profiles
« on: October 08, 2008, 06:00:43 AM »

For instance from the description of orbient, it sounds like a WII ware title, which would make me happy as I could actually play it once i downloaded it, if it was a DVD WII game this owuld make me sad as the my disc drive is currently not working.

Alss their is the potential with the addition of SD cards that DS games will now be in DSware format so it would probably help to differentiate on what media the game is available through.

TalkBack / Re: Wii Storage Solution Put Forth
« on: October 02, 2008, 06:15:19 AM »
So, um, it skips the step of saving it into the Wii memory? BFD, loading from the SD card is still slow as **** and the copying to it is done only once anyway.
No it would still copy to the main WII SD memory,  the possible advantage would be having 2 SD memory sources for uploading and dowloading data, like streaming texture maps, geometry, audio for downloading or increasing the level of in game customizeability with an increase in the upload rate (which is usually slower for SD cards).

Say if N implemented solution B, you could possibly dedicate the old SD card slot for save game data only while having the USB card reader for dedicated to SD channel operations for better data traffic management.

The USB port could be a better source for data transmission though that depends on whether the Wii's USB is 2.0. I am not sure on that one.

TalkBack / Re: DSi Announced
« on: October 02, 2008, 05:38:21 AM »
More like iDS, amirite?

AAC-only would be fail, everything I have is MP3 and OGG. Theonly feature I'm thinking about getting this over the Lite (I'm currently looking for an upgrade because my mother wants a DS) is the DS Ware thing but I wonder if that's really for games or only productivity apps.

I bet the 1000 points don't apply to European users who'll get 1000 stars instead (250 points)...

Jonny, the Blue Ocean phase 3 is "people who don't care about gaming at all".

I dunno KDR when one port appears while another port is dropped, it is a good bet that the next ports existence is in danger on the next iteration of Nintendo's handheld system, you could coneiveably now put all of the DS's software online and give out Npoints to those who hand in their old cartridges (which will be recycled of course...) to re aquire them, good chance is the cartridge may have seen its last days.... until they design SD cards with registries on them!

(see my post on WII memory solution)

TalkBack / Re: Wii Storage Solution Put Forth
« on: October 02, 2008, 05:01:12 AM »
I beleive the WII SD card memory problems lay with the fact that SD cards in order to maximise space do not have registries built into the chips themselves, unlike say RAM chips for a PC computer.
Thus the registries are built into the system instead so it is up to the system maker to increase the cost of the ports in order to be able to utilise increasing amounts of memory in SD cards.

thus the 2 solutions would be either to

A: introduce SD cards that have registries built into them (considering those crazily small Micro SD cards are aproaching 4GB, maximizing space for SD cards might not be sucha pertinent problem as it was during its initial inception)


B: come out with a USB SD card reader that has expanded the amount of registers for up to 64 GB 256 GB*crosses fingers*

Never the less on to the main topic this I think may be a neccessity as my hypothesis for the upcoming upgrade will be:

The SD channel

Which will require users to leave a signifigant amount of WII memory card space free, possibly the majority of the space if not all and have everything that was on the WII uploaded to SD.
This free space is of course a virtual memeory to download whatever game or program is selected in the SD channel and possibly to be used to help performace of say, the Web browser and WII ware games.

That is my hypothesis at any rate. 

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