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apex booty pop (the spambot thread.)

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Oh poor, poor NWR Forums. You've had to endure a month of increased spambot activity breaching your defenses as your great champion went on a mystical quest of knowledge and power. But fear not, for very soon, at some point this very week, Khushrenada (you're self-proclaimed King) shall have home internet restored and return to stir up some activity within these hallowed halls of subforums. Already the spambots tremble at his mere name knowing that he shall smite them all down with a great fury of Internet rage, the swiftest and most overwhelming of all the rages. Behold! The Dark Ages of the forums is near its end. The Forum Renaissance is now at hand! Prepare thy bodies!

King of Twitch:
Give me the power and I will finish what you started. It is your destiny. It is... the only way.


Better yet, I grant you the mysterious forum powers of Vudu. He's not doing anything with them so maybe you can do something with 'em. (Of course, granting you his power is only the first step. Next is actually bestowing it on you and the bestowing part of the equation is handled by Insanolord. But from what I can tell looking at his to-do box, it seems that giving you Vudu's powers is second on his list right behind re-organizing the forums so you should see those powers any day now.)

I jinxed myself. A few hours after I posted about my return, the Internet company sent me an e-mail that they've been unable to arrange an install this week as I had asked for and I'm still waiting for them to now confirm and finalize a date. So frustrating. Clearly, the spambots have a man on the inside working with the Internet companies to try and get their revenge on me.

They've been on a tear recently.


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