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Action Arcade Wrestling Goes 12 Large On eShop In February


At one time, it could have been home to a Mad King and the late, great Brodie Lee.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/59362/action-arcade-wrestling-goes-12-large-on-eshop-in-februarySome more over-the-top grappling action with a unique history has finally nailed down a release month for Switch.A new trailer has been released for Action Arcade Wrestling, which previously released on Steam and PlayStation / Xbox consoles: the Switch version is due in February. The over-the-top wrestling game is claiming 60FPS performance in handheld mode, even with ten performers in the ring, and offers a cel-shaded art style.When first released on Steam, AAW was branded "CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling", after the Philadelphia-based independent promotion which once employed the late stand-up comic and television star Bob Saget as their storyline commissioner. The game rebranded in 2020, removing the CHIKARA name following the promotion's folding in light of abuse allegations made toward company founder "Mike Quackenbush" (Michael Spillane) as part of the professional wrestling industry's "Speaking Out" movement.


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